Hay Hot Couples! Marriage Myths You Should Stop Believing Immediately


Stop Believing Marriage Myths!

Eventually, people dream about their marriage when their wedding season is on. It is normal to dream about your upcoming happy days and of course, you would be meeting up with some of the tales about marriage which are believed to be true. However, some might be spontaneous in narrating these marriage anecdotes and also some pops up with advice and suggestions which might be good and some might be mere myths, which would not work in real life. It is because all these tales and fascinating anecdotes might be heard from somewhere and from someone but we do not have any solid proof for these kinds of stuff. You should always have to remember that a good marriage must be what you bring out and make it be.

THE COUPLE SHOULD BE BEST FRIENDS: Eventually, your partner would be your biggest support system in life. It does not matter that your partner should be your best friend and do not have to change your likes and dislikes for the person. Instead, you and your partner very well know that the kind of relationship you wish to build-up for the rest of your life. You should be enjoying your life together and just solve your issues if any, then and there.

NON-EXISTENCE OF SENSUAL PLEASURE: Just because your friend is not happy with his or her sexual life, it does not mean that you too would face the same. It does differ from one couple to another and it works differently according to the person. However, if you are not satisfied with your sex life, you should have to open it up to your partner and so you could be aware of the lacking stuff between you.

FINISH THE ARGUMENT BEFORE BED: Being one of the oldest myths, this not works because it is a mere myth. You might think that it is not good to go bed with some issues and arguments unsolved. Meanwhile, your partner needs some time to think and sleep with the argument before they could finish the conversation by giving a resolution. When you have heating conversations for hours and hours, it might prevail-tensions for both of you. So, it is healthy to pause the conversation and go to bed and so the next day you could rise with a clear mind and a better solution for your problems (www.lifeandtrendz.com).

THERE IS A SOLUTION FOR EVERY ISSUE: Well, we might have come across this exact statement almost every walk of our life. But it would not work and we might not have any solution to a problem. Sometimes, you have to let go off the problem without meeting up with any solution. It is okay to let go off the problem and it does not mean that you are having an unhealthy married life. It is because you both are viewing the problem with a different perspective.

EXPECTING YOUR PARTNER TO MEET UP ALL YOUR NEEDS: Yeah! You should never expect your partner to fulfill all your wishes and needs. You could build a healthy and happy relationship together by meeting up with your own needs at times. It is not healthy to expect your partner to spend the entire time with always. After all, you both are two different individuals with so many needs and wishes and it is good to spend time alone or with your friends. Of course, married people do have cool friends to hang out with and does not mean that their partner is the only friend and all happiness depends on him or her.

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