Hey Beautiful! 5 Delightful Words Men Want To Hear Repeatedly During SEX


Confounding Tips for Women to delight their Men on Bed!

Ladies! When you and your partner are together on the bed, it is highly important for both of you to enjoy each moment of making love. Meanwhile, your man will be concentrating on pleasing you the whole time. But Woman! It is also your responsibility to look after your man’s needs as well and to satisfy them in all means. Even your man wants to feel an amazing excitement each time with you and so you can tell him what you feel about them and how are enjoying the time with him on the bed. So here are the confounding tips for women to delight their men while making love.

“I’M ALL YOURS”: This is a particular statement that directly conveys your man that they have all the rights on you. And he can be the ruler on the bed because men love to hear this as they might have the best time with you. No man will hate to hear this statement from their lady love.

THE BEST LOVE MAKING EVER: Do not forget to compliment your man, Ladies! After all, the statement has everything on the whole as it is lovable, romantic and trust you have on him as well. Damn sure, your man will love to hear this compliment from his woman. So, just compliment him by telling him that you had a wonderful time in bed with him ever.

CLEAN AND AMAZING: Every man likes to hear an assurance from you which can lead them to have exciting feel along with the high spirits. Perhaps, your compliments can boost them when your man is in bed with you for the first time.

MAKE ME FEEL ORGASM: One ideal thing a man loves to hear while making love with you is to ask him to make you feel and experience orgasm. They really love to make you reach the loving end as a woman’s orgasm is considered to be the biggest treasure.

WANT MORE AND MORE: Ladies! You can tell your man how much you are enjoying with him on the bed. And if you like it, you can have a lovely shout at him for more. Nothing can make a man excitingly happier than hearing this from his lady because he is doing great on the bed while having sex.

So, ladies! You too have equal responsibilities like men who try hard to please you in bed. It is also your time to excite your man and feel him out of this world where only you two exist.

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