How To Easily Stop Over Spending On Impulse Shopping


You go to the mall with a friend who wanted help picking out a dress and you end up purchasing a top, a tee-shirt and a bag. Why? Just because they looked good and were on sale. But then, this means you do not have that extra cash you were saving for that new phone. Sometimes we buy things just because they look good and other times we tell ourselves it is alright to shop, especially when big brands go on Sale. This kind of phenomenon is called impulse shopping or spur of the moment shopping.

The new trend is people head out to the malls in the city, say for example Express Avenue [EA] or Phoenix market city and start attacking the stores one by one. It was like a scene straight out of a Shopaholic movie. Yes, attacking. Stores such as Lifestyle, Max, Westside and even Marks & Spencers, we find people falling over the counters and shelves grabbing anything that catches their eye. Sometimes those who have tagged along with a family member or a friend also end up shopping, giving in to peer pressure. With a huge red SALE board hanging outside every store, it is not surprising to see such crazy crowds everywhere. If you thought it was only the Saravana stores or RMKV that drew this kind of maddening crowd, you have another thing coming. This is another sign that impulse shopping does prevail all over.

Here are 5 things you can do to stop shopping on impulse

Delay the purchase: You see a bag, you love it and are considering to buy it. But wait, ask yourself- do you really need it? Instead of just making a decision there, you should walk away and come back after an hour and see if you feel different. This will help you decide and make a wise decision.

Make a list: When heading out to a store, it is always good to have a list. Stick to the list, purchase just the mentioned items and walk away. This holds true even when you are out to buy a gift for a friend or a loved one. And when shopping with a friend, steer clear of things that would catch your eye and focus on your friend’s needs.

Be prepared to say No: Malls and stores have salespeople just to lure you into buying what you might not really need. You should learn to say NO and keep moving on unless there is an item that you absolutely need and one that fits your monthly budget.

Don’t use credit cards: Carry cash, and keep those credit cards away. Carry only your debit card and cash in your wallet. “This way, the first thing you see is the cash or bank balance and that helps you decide on the purchase. Credit card bills that land in the mail gives nightmares, increase stress levels and sometimes even ruin relationships.”

Learn to return items: There is nothing embarrassing about returning things. If you have bought a pair of shoes or a bag on impulse and come home to see you already have a similar one or it doesn’t fit so well, go back and return it. You can either pick up store credit or buy something for someone else [a friend’s birthday or house warming party that is around the corner]

Shopping is fun, shopping is addictive, but when you condition your mind to think otherwise, it goes back to being just sheer fun and not a daunting task. Have fun, but tell yourself you don’t need to shop something for yourself every time you step out of the house, not unless it is absolutely necessary or essential!

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