Want to become a great Kisser? Try these techniques


Kiss is a very important expression of love and emotion. Through kisses happiness and pleasure comes first to us. In case if it is your lover or partner a Kiss is everything and a man does his all for a kiss.

Want to become a great kisser? Upgrade your kissing techniques and she is all yours!

Slow and steadyYou’re not here to battle. Keep it slow and easy. Kissing her should be a worldly act, like the honey bee sucking nectar from a flower using its tube-like tongue. Make it like a bee around the flower waiting to get the nectar. Don’t be in a hurry. Take it slow and in due course, you get the groove.

Let her lead: Believe it! Your brain will prompt you as to when to make the right move with your tongue. If it’s a green signal from her, for sure she will respond naughtily for you to move to the next level. Go ahead, take the lead and sail with the stream. Yes, go hand in hand with her flow.

Don’t hesitate: It’s absolutely fine if your partner is not taking the lead. This means it’s your turn to lead from the front. Just lightly touch her lips with your fingers and slide your tongue tenderly, thus you begin the act and get all the way in. If your partner doesn’t react further, not a problem, just get back, still, she’s not ready.

Be in your limits: Too much usage of the tongue can spoil the act and she might get away completely. Don’t begin the act with your tongue. Remember that’s your ‘trump card’ to win the trick. Just find out how to use your lips at the very beginning of the act. Begin slowly with a light peck and then hold her lips close with your lips. Once she starts responding, twirl your tongue around her lips and mouth and you’re all set to go!

Play like a Pro: Finally, she has revealed the secret. Go ahead and pour out your essence. The most important thing to remember at this final stage is that you want to make her lips feel heavenly with your tongue and not to harm it. Kiss and tongue at the same time. It should be a parallel act – when you twirl your tongue, use your lips to kiss her too.

Feel free to kiss! It’s a lovely trick designed by nature. A kiss can change your world and blow your mind.

Happy Kissing!!!

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