Teleradiology Solutions (TRS) Collaborates with Bahrain’s Skype


Teleradiology Solutions (TRS) Collaborates with Bahrain’s Skype Telemedicine for Remote Radiology Services in Bahrain and Gulf region

Remote reading and interpretation of more than 200,000 radiologic images per year undertaken by TRS’ radiologists –

Bengaluru, 10 October 2019: More than 200,000 radiologic images across modalities are being processed by Teleradiology Solutions’ International panel of expert radiologists, including UK – FRCR and American Board-certified radiologists, as part of an exclusive long-term agreement with Bahrain-based Skype Telemedicine. The agreement covers remote radiology interpretation services to Bahraini hospitals as well as healthcare facilities from across the Arabian Gulf. 

Teleradiology Solutions(TRS) is a global pioneer in remote radiology interpretation and telehealth.  Services offered under the TRS – Skype Telemedicine partnership include Teleradiology Services, Nighthawk and Subspecialty Radiology reporting. The services will be delivered using RADSpa®️, a teleradiology workflow platform developed and patented by TRS. The RADSpa platform is deployed in 24 countries and has processed more than 20 million studies and billions of images. RADSpa is FDA approved and CE certified.

Dr Abdul Rahman Ghareeb, the CEO & Founder, Skype Telemedicine Solutions, said: “TRS is a global leader in teleradiology and we are delighted to join forces with them. This collaboration enables the sharing of their clinical and technical expertise with our expanding client network of hospitals across Bahrain and the wider region. With Teleradiology Solutions as our partners, we are addressing the general shortage of healthcare workers across the region, especially subspecialty radiologists. Hospitals and health systems in the Arabian Gulf region will benefit via access to a robust network of highly qualified U.S.-board certified radiologists and patented teleradiology workflows that are reinforced by a strong local partner presence.” 

“There are several new hospital and other clinic projects in the Gulf region. However, there are an insufficient number of trained radiologists. This creates a backlog of radiologic images that need to be interpreted. TRS’s large international panel of radiologists, our ability to deliver 24×7 quality imaging diagnostic services and experience of nearly two decades places us in a strong position to help healthcare partners worldwide develop world-class imaging services. Our partnership with Skype Telemedicine Solutions is improving healthcare utilization, quality and access, while lowering costs” said Dr Arjun Kalyanpur, CEO Teleradiology Solutions.

Teleradiology Solutions has reported scans for over five million patients since inception in 2002, and currently caters to the requirements of 150 hospitals and healthcare centers in more than 20 countries, including the United States, Singapore, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Maldives and India. 

About Teleradiology Solutions (

Established in 2002, Teleradiology Solutions is a global pioneer in remote radiology interpretation and telehealth. Headquartered in Bangalore – India, with offices and operations spanning USA, Singapore & Dubai, the company offers interpretation of all non-invasive imaging studies (CT, MRI, PET, Nuclear Medicine studies, Digitized X-rays, ECG, Angiography etc.), and 3-D reconstructions of CT scans. 

About Skype Telemedicine Solutions

Skype Telemedicine Solutions is a Bahrain-based healthcare solution provider that is the only teleradiology provider authorized by the NHRA (National Healthcare Regulatory Authority), which is an independent regulatory body established by the government to regulate the provision of healthcare in the country. Skype Telemedicine Solutions offers teleradiology solutions to hospitals and healthcare providers in Bahrain and the rest of Arabian Gulf. 

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