Bring home grandiose & panache with Tanishq’s new Virasat collection

In the new Virasat collection every piece is carefully designed, stunningly encapsulating the splendor of Udaipur through its architecture, paintings, stained glasses, Mosaics, Lakes, Crystal galleries and Chandeliers. The inspiration is derived from the three moods of the day in Udaipur; the Pristine mornings, Vivid escapes of the afternoon, and the golden dusk. Multi-usability is one of the key highlights of the collection and the addition of unique colour schemes with the use of enamel paints exhibit an exotic riot of vibrance throughout the collection. For this Diwali season, this collection also makes for an ideal jewellery buy for the bride-to-be. Virasat collection stands out as one-of-its-kind heritage jewellery, making it a perfect ancillary to complete any woman’s look this Diwali.

Here are some of the Showstopper pieces from the Virasat collection.

This particular piece is a fine balance of heritage and regal. The piece draws its inspiration from the Historical architecture of Udaipur when touched by the rays of the sun. The beauty of the view is brought to life in this set through the techniques like Zameen Ka Meena and Pearl bunching; making this set a complete head turner.

This piece is truly a one-of-a-kind piece due to its unique design element. Peacock holds a vital place in the narrative of Udaipur and in this piece the motifs used resemble Peacock’s feathers which are symmetrically placed. To complete this masterpiece, a mesmerising pendant houses this bird through Cloissone Enamel techniques with brilliant shades of blue.

Inspired by the grandeur of Udaipur’s architecture, this showstopper piece has beautiful engravings on red enamel. The piece is further emphasized with luminous pearls for a grand centre with hints of Kundan, making this amalgamation of red, gold and white a one-of-a-kind wonder.

Virasat collection brings forth an opportunity for each Indian woman to flaunt a phenomenal Haaram this Diwali season. Intricate artistry in gold is brought to life through this stunning haaram set that is the perfect blend of gold and blue enamel.

This neck piece draws inspiration from the enchanting shapes and grand archways of Udaipur’s architecture. The re-imagining in gold and highlighting with a touch of red enamel and laser cut jali makes this neckpiece an enchanting piece any woman would love to own.

Elicit conversations with this delicate piece of glass kundan work and Takkar setting accentuating a grand centre of blue and pink faceted gemstones. The piece is a perfect ornament to step up one’s style quotient as it has a dual adornment element as one can wear it even as a classic choker. This neo- traditional jewellery piece with its unique colour combination makes for a true timeless beauty.

Encapsulating the beauty of Udaipur’s monuments against the setting sun, this jewellery piece stands as a perfect ensemble to portray that impression of artistry. The gorgeous blend of timeless creativity like shading enamel with blue faceted drops makes for an everlasting allure.

Painting Enamel is one of the stand out features of this collection and this particular piece with its silhouette of gold and pink hues displays a stunning craftsmanship. Capturing the illusion of Udaipur’s tainted glasses emitting sun rays, this set is true delight for a woman adorning it.

The bracelet exuberates royalty in every inch with a delicate blend of gold, green, white and red. A beautiful culmination of Kundan and Cloissone Enamel work, this bracelet surely makes for a perfect choice this Diwali season.

Encapsulating the calmness with the beauty of Mosaic Inlay, this bracelet is an instant dash of royalty that befits any festive celebration.

This ring with the traditional Takkar setting has been beautifully crafted to bring together an amalgamation of gold and Kundan work, especially for Diwali!

Starting at INR 35,000, the Virasat collection will be available across all Tanishq stores in India.

Bring home grandiose & panache with Tanishq’s new Virasat collection
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