How To Choose The Best Frames To Suit Your Face Shape

Great choice of Spectacles for different faces of women!

“Better angle your specs, Before seeing this world as crooked!”

We do know that people wear spectacles for better eyesight as well as for the change of outward look. Specs offer you the way to have a better changing look and enhance it. Women use many accessories day by day and wearing glasses will add one more accessory to play with! So, Ladies! You can intensify your looks with the right pair of glasses which will fit your face exactly. The perfect pair of glasses probably fits your personality, face shape and also with your hair and makeup as well.

PICK UP A PAIR OF FRAMES BASED ON YOUR FACE SHAPE: It is when you have identified your face shape, you could pick up the perfect and best pair of frames which fit you rightly. If you haven’t identified your face shape, there are several charts you can go through online which helps you to decide. It will be round, oval, oblong, base-down triangle, base-up triangle, diamond, and square faces.

DO NOT CHOOSE ROUND GLASSES FOR A ROUND FACE: Ladies, if you have a round face, you should pick up the eyeglasses which are square or rectangle to contrast the roundness of your face. You must avoid using round frames and rimless frames as these will always highlight only your face and will not compliment your face shape in any other means.

GO FOR WIDE FRAMES IF YOU HAVE AN OVAL SHAPED FACE: If you have an oval-shaped face, you should pick up the frames which have a strong bridge and are wider than your face. Do you know geometric shaped frames will tend to look good against an oval shape? Yes! You can choose this kind of geometric shaped frames and you should avoid choosing glasses that are oversized and cover up most of your face.

SELECT LONGER FRAMED FOR AN OBLONG FACE: Get ready to make your oblong shaped face balanced by choosing frames that have more depth than the width. You must avoid round frames or small frames. Instead, pick frames that have decorative elements on the sides of the frames and a low bridge.

PICK UP CAT-EYE OR WIDE FRAMES FOR BASE-DOWN OR BASE-UP TRIANGLE FACE: Make your base-down face more attractive with the frames instilled with colors and detailing on the top of the frames. Better, you can try cat-eye shaped frames. However, for a base-down triangular face, select frames that are wider at the bottom to balance the wider area of your face. Further, you can have frames in light colors and materials and rimless frame styles.

CAT-EYE FRAMES FOR A DIAMOND-SHAPED FACE: And if you are a diamond-shaped face, you must have to look for the cat-eye glasses or oval frames. Better avoid the boxy or narrow frames, whereas the cat-eye frames will look good on your narrow forehead and chin and accentuate your cheekbones.

DO NOT USE ANGULAR FRAMES FOR A SQUARE FACE: People with square-shaped faces should look for glasses that would perfectly suit the bridge of the nose and have oval or round frames. You must always remember to avoid angular and boxy kind of frames which will draw the attention of your angular features.

Choose the best pair of frames for your face! Perfect frames always add up your style and personality!

How to choose the best frames to suit your face shape
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