What’s new in Nykaa to Scroll and Order?

Nykaa is now one of the biggest beauty retailers in India and the business gets around 1 million orders per month. With amazing offers and top and genuine brands, Nykaa has gained massive popularity in a short amount of time. Most people are now choosing to buy their beauty related products from Nykaa over other similar businesses in the industry. And if you’re someone who’s obsessed with their products and services just as much, you’re in the right place. Let’s take a look at some of the brand new arrivals of Nykaa that you should go check out in this post, shall we?

New Launches by Nykaa to check out:
4 in 1 Quad Eyeshadow Palette

The new Nykaa Eyes On Me 4 in 1 Quad Eyeshadow Palettes include an ultra-pigmented, blendable consistency. Each palette contains four lovely complementary tones that can be combined to create any desired look. You can choose from 7 beautiful colour palettes according to your needs. Desk to Date, Work to Play, Night Out, Birthday Bash, Wine and Dine, Brunch Party and Sunset Stroll are the colour palettes available to choose from.

Price of the product: ₹349

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Kay Beauty HD Liquid Colour Corrector

Kay Beauty’s HD Liquid Colour Corrector might help you with skin issues like pigmentation, acne, and dark circles. This item is available in five various colours: peach, orange, green, yellow, and lavender. Each of which has a distinct purpose. Dark circles and exhaustion can be concealed with the peach and orange shades. Acne and skin outbreaks can be concealed with the green colour corrector. In light skin tones, the yellow colour corrector is great for concealing under-eye circles. In addition, the lavender colour corrector can be used to conceal previous bruises and lacklustre skin.

Price of the product: ₹799

Nykaa Matte Glass Full Cover Lip Glass

The new Matte Glass Full Cover Lip Gloss collection is priced at $499. In this new lip gloss range, you may choose from eight different colours. Orange Tone Nude, Pink Nude, Pure Nude, Brownish Pink Nude, Cool Tone Pink, Pink, Deep Nude, and Deep Red are the colours in this series. The Nykaa Matte Gloss lipstick range has a wear time of up to 8 hours and high impact colours. The distinctive matte gloss texture provides comfort and nourishment while giving your lips an attractive full appearance.

Price of the product: Starts from ₹499

Kay Beauty HD Liquid Concealer

Another brand new launch by Kay Beauty is the Key Beauty HD liquid Concealer that can help conceal dark circles, contour your face, or enhance. The moisturising formula is intended to provide a creaseless, smooth HD matte finish that can last all day. You can easily build your covering from medium to high to achieve a natural look or a stunning glam finish. Its one-of-a-kind applicator contains a scoop to gather up the product, and the tapering end allows you to reach any area of your face. You can select from 13 different shades for each skin tone. More Kay Beauty products are available to complete your appearance with this HD Liquid Concealer.

Price of this product: ₹799

These are some of the new releases that are now available for purchase in Nykaa. As previously said, Nykaa has several discounts and regular sales that anyone can take advantage of. Nykaa’s website also offers a variety of stylish things to choose from. From bralettes to dresses, you can find a variety of things based on the cosmetics or beauty products you purchase from Nykaa beauty.

What are some of your most recent favourite Nykaa products?

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