Best Movies of Trisha and Vijay To Watch Again

Trisha’s latest click with Thalapathy Vijay has taken the internet by storm. After a long 14 years gap, the duo has come together for ‘Thalapathy 67’. The Seven Screen Studios recently released this exciting announcement with an evocative video that went viral instantly. The production company also gave a glimpse of the Thalapathy 67 star cast. Apart from Vijay and Trisha, the movies feature Sanjay Dutt, Arjun, Priya Anand, GVM, Mysskin, Sandy, and Mathew Thomas.

Trisha is undoubtedly Vijay’s favorite and luckiest co-star. The sensational pair has already given many superhit movies and nostalgic dance numbers. Here, let us look at the four top movies of Trisha and Vijay that are definitely worth a re-watch.


Gilli is the Tamil version of Mahesh Babu’s Okadu. For the first time, the film brought Trisha and Vijay together onscreen. This 2004 blockbuster is also one of the highest-grossing movies of its time. The film is also regarded as one of the best in Prakash Raj, Trisha as well as Vijay’s careers. The character names like ‘Muthupandi’, ‘Dhanalakshmi’, and ‘Velu’ still sound fresh to us. The movie also has some great and peppy soundtracks. Every star cast including Vijay’s friends and family will give us a sense of fun and nostalgia. When talking of nostalgia, let us not forget the famous lighthouse scene and the peppy ‘Apadi Podu’ song. Furthermore, the movie is also available on YouTube to watch.

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Soon after the success of Gilli, the duo joined hands for another blockbuster called ‘Thirupaachi’ in 2005. The film also stars Kota Srinivasa Rao, Pasupathy, Benjamin, and Mallika. The story centers on Sivagiri’s (Vijay) affection for his sister. This 2005 megahit ran for 250 days in all theatres and was eventually declared a massive blockbuster. Though Trisha and Vijay’s combination portion were less compared to Gilli, the movie still has some nostalgic scenes to cherish. The comic chemistry between Vijay and Trisha as well as the chartbuster songs are worth revisiting.


In 2006, the same pair joined hands for a family action drama called ‘Aadhi’ or ‘Aathi’. The film again stars the nostalgic trio – Vijay, Prakash Raj, and Trisha. This time the characters are more different. Trisha as ‘Anjali’ and Vijay as ‘Aadhi’ had more pivotal roles to play. Their performances and chemistry are what lifted the whole film. In general, the film was average at the box office and garnered mixed reviews. Still, Vijay and Trisha fans can relish this movie for its mesmerizing songs composed by Vidyasagar. The film also has quite a few interesting action sequences.


After a year’s gap, Trisha and Vijay again came together for ‘Kuruvi’ in the year 2008. Kuruvi was also one of the highest grosser of that time. Furthermore, the film is from the same magic duo – Vidhaysagar and Dharani. The film is an action comedy drama that revolves around the hero who is a car racer. The bond between Vijay and Trisha as well as Vijay and Vivek was exceptional. The film again has some great song numbers and has its own unique charm. The racy actions and romantic comedy sequences make it a worthy watch.

Regardless of how each of these films turned out, the audience enjoyed watching them together onscreen. Also, after Kuruvi, both Trisha and Vijay have separately given many blockbusters for more than a decade. Now let’s hope the magic duo gives another memorable movie to cherish.

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