4 Most Effective Benefits of Drinking Water From Mud (Clay) Pots

Most Indian households have continued to use mud pots even if they own refrigerators in their houses. But earlier when there were no refrigerators, people use mud pots to store water in the summer season and cool down their bodies by consuming water from mud pot. However, when you store water in the mud pots to drink, it would provide you amazing health benefits that you might not have been aware of. So, it is better if you start having mud pot for this summer season and get instill with the health benefits.

ALKALINE PROPERTIES: Did you know clay contains alkaline properties? Yes, clay has alkaline properties which would be helpful for the human body which is acidic in nature. When you drink water stored in earthen pots or clay pots, it would be helpful in maintaining the pH of the body, keeping the acidity and the gastric problems in control.

HELPS TO SOOTHE SORE THROAT: Drinking water from the earthen pot or clay pot would do better to for your sore throat during summer. So, it is advisable for people who suffer from bad throat or any respiratory problems to consume water from a clay pot. This is because it is not too hot or cold.

ENHANCES METABOLISM AND DIGESTION: When you stay hydrated, it would automatically improve your digestion and boost up your metabolism. However, when water is stored in a clay pot and consumed, it provides better functions as there are no chemicals such as the BPA in plastic bottles.

AVERTS HEAT STROKE: The vitamins and minerals you get by consuming water stored in clay pots would be helpful in improving your health and prevents heat-stroke as well. So, drinking water from clay pots would be a healthy practice to follow.

4 Most Effective Benefits of Drinking Water From Mud (Clay) Pots
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