5 Unknown Ayurvedic Tips To Drink Water The Correct Way


Drinking water is essential for our body and it is highly beneficial if you start your morning with a glass of water. When your body does not have enough water, it would create many side effects. However, even the way you choose to drink water would also affect your overall health as per the principles of Ayurveda. So, here are a few ayurvedic tips to drink water.

AVOID GULPING A LARGE AMOUNT OF WATER AT ONCE: You just have to avoid gulping down the large volumes of water in a single breath. Instead of gulping in a single breath, you could take a smaller sip, swallow, breathe, and repeat all throughout the day. This would be helpful for you to lose weight though.

CHOOSE TO DRINK ROOM TEMPERATURE WATER: Often, people would go for ice-chilled water which would never give you any good. Well, cold water reduces the blood supply to various organs of the body and leads to constipation further. However, when you drink room temperature water or warm water, it would help you in several ways such as relieves bloating and pain.

KICK START YOUR DAY WITH A GLASS OF WATER: According to Ayurveda, a healthy habit of drinking water first thing in the morning is known to be “Ushapan”. It would really help you to relieve from many diseases in the body. It would actually flush out the toxins and cleanses the intestines as well.

CONSUME SILVER OR COPPER-STORED WATER: As per Ayurveda, you would be suggested to drink water which is stored in copper and silver vessels. It would be able to balance all three doshas in the body and it is done by positively charging the water. It would also help in enhancing the immune system of the body.

AVOID DRINKING WATER WHILE STANDING: Essentially, you have to drink water by sitting instead of standing. When you drink water by standing, it would accumulate fluids in the joints which lead to arthritis. But when you drink water while sitting, it would provide relaxation to your muscles and nervous system and helps the nerves to digest the food and other fluids easily. It should also drink water when you really feel thirsty.

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