Cool Gets A New Address: Launches ‘Sneakerhood’

It is love at first sight…time and time again! The rush of unboxing a new pair of sneakers, taking in the scent of those fresh-out-of-the-box kicks, running your hand over the pristine bumps and grooves, and finally, the thrill of putting them on your feet. Being a Sneakerhead is all about recreating this experience over and over, leading to a sneaker collection that is the envy of everyone you know.

But mostly, it is about feeling like a different version of yourself every time you step into your next pair of sneaks. It is about owning a piece of fashion that not only completes you but makes you feel part of a community. A community that is made of diverse interests and influences but is single-minded in its allegiance to the Sneakerhood., India’s most definitive online destination for the trendiest and freshest fashion, today announced the launch of SNEAKERHOOD – a one-stop online store for new and seasoned sneakers and fashion-enthusiasts across the country. Built within the platform, AJIO Sneakerhood has been devised as a repository of both the philosophy and style synonymous with global sneaker-culture. It will house a curated collection of over 10,000 options of sneakers, ranging from evergreen classics, fashionable must-haves, and coveted limited editions from international and premium Indian brands.

AJIO Sneakerhood has been curated in keeping with local preferences and distinct mix-and-match fashion sensibilities for women and men. Further, the store will give first dibs to shoppers on new collection drops, special edition launches, and other sneakerhead milestones at the same time as the rest of the world.

AJIO Sneakerhood will house partner brands like Adidas Originals, Emporio Armani, Armani Exchange, ASICS, Converse, DC, FILA, Nike, Puma, Reebok, Adidas, Replay, Superdry, and many more, giving both access and choice to shoppers in Indian metros and beyond. Sneakerheads can rejoice as the store will also be the exclusive online platform in India for iconic brands and styles, including the House of Armani, the Diamond Disrupter from FILA, to name a few.

“The growth of the Sneakers category in India indicates not just its infinite versatility, but also its stature in the democratization of socio-cultural cues across the work-life spectrum. It is not unusual for the sneaker to make an appearance in the boardroom, at the DJ console in a night-club or even paired with a crisp, high-waisted cotton sari at an art soirée…many-a-times worn by the same person.’s curation of Sneakerhood is a celebration of this crazy, stupid love for sneakers and a natural extension of our endeavor to bring the best of fashion to our discerning customers”, says Spokesperson,, on the launch of AJIO Sneakerhood.

The introduction of AJIO Sneakerhood stems from an ever-evolving cultural lexicon defined by personal style. From practical sportswear to a beacon of creative subcultures and now, as the perfect accessory to high fashion, the Sneaker has been steadfast in holding its place as a statement of individuality. In a world where ‘what you wear is who you are’, sneakers – or keds, pumps, kicks…whatever you choose to call them, have come to mirror the wearer’s personality as well as preferences.

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