Things to do on this Pongal Weekend

Obviously, Sun God has given His blessings on this Pongal. The divine morning scene instills the blissful mood when you step out of the house. You, for sure, have a set of plans or things to do on this Pongal weekend. Since Pongal falls on Sunday, it makes you a little bit frowning. But we hope the things you planned, perhaps, be fun-filled. However, if you are wondering what to do, we give you certain reasons to get up from your couch or bed. Here are some merry-giving things to do on this Pongal weekend.

Watching Varisu & Thunivu:

As we all know, the top heroes of Tamil Industry, Vijay an Ajith movies hit the theatre. It is the perfect time for you to take family and friends to have a happy theatre time. How about vibing to both “Ranjithamae” and “Chilla Chilla” on this Pongal? Sounds crazy, right? Seems you have already booked your tickets. If not, book now to have a blasting Pongal.

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Chennai International Book Fair:

One of Asia’s largest book fairs in Chennai is already here. With more than 500 stalls of books, the 46th Chennai Book Fair includes a wide varieties and genres of books in different languages. It incorporates ‘n’ number of book sellers and publishers. Even if you are not a book lover, it is something you may love to witness. It takes place between Jan 6th and Jan 22nd 2023 at Nandanam’s YMCA in Chennai. How about a hangout at right place?

Festive Lunch Date:

How about a date on Pongal? Be it a family date or a romantic-couple date, festivals impart an entirely different ambience. Traditional menu can do all its magic. There are top hotels serving delish Pongal fest on this Pongal. So, why not scrolling your feed or asking google? Take your family and friends to the special festive lunch date to share happiness and satisfaction. That works pretty well!

Prepare Traditional Foods:

Dedicate an entire day to eat traditional foods. Sounds delicious, right? Right from the dawn to dusk, try traditional foods and spend your time with family. We may guide you with simple traditional dishes to prepare to make your festival day special. Ranging from Sweet Pongal to Pala Kaai Kulambu (Pongal Kulambu), you may try cooking and bingeing. Some of the dishes you can try at home are as follow
Sweet Pongal
Ven Pongal
Traditional Sambar
Pongal Kulambu
Paal Paayasam
Have a Pongal Treat at home!

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Check Out the Events Happening:

Chennai is no less than a place for events. The State’s capital has launched number events and hotels & resorts with amazing offers on the onset of Pongal. One such event is happening in DakshinaChitra. You can witness the spectacular and traditional folk-dance performance of Raju and his troupe. It is happening till 17th of January. There are several other Pongal events which may excite you.

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