10 Excellent Places To Try Pani Puri In North India

Pani Puri is an emotion for all those bunch and crores of people.

Looking for the best places to try Pani Puri in North India? We all know panipuri as a famous street food. These mini puris with spiced water and potato chickpea fillings are just the perfect bomb of flavors. Nowadays street foods are taking a big turn by making fusion chaats. Especially in metropolitan cities, these kinds of experimental food stalls are becoming common. Whatever it is and wherever it is, the love for panipuri never fades. These flavor bombs are also called golgappas in Delhi and phuchka in West Bengal. Here, let us look at the top 10 excellent places to try panipuri in North India.

Elco Pani Puri

Mumbai and their love affair with panipuris seem endless. Though Mumbai belongs to the western coast of India, we cannot leave this city while talking about panipuris. Especially, there are many panipuri stalls in the Bandra West region making it a famous fast-food street as well. In Bandra West, the Elco panipuri shop is famous for making yummy golgappas. Here the crispy puris are filled with boondhi making it a unique chaat spot in Mumbai.

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Punjab Sweet House

Another famous place in the Bandra West region is the Punjab Sweet House. This restaurant in Mumbai serves some of the best panipuris. Also, if you are a chaat lover, then this is a must-visit place. What makes this place special is the raw mango water they use for the fillings. Also, the place is known to use clean mineral water for all its chaats.

Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandar

Shree Balaji Chat Bhandar is a beloved spot for most Delhi residents. It is always a fully packed chaat shop present in the Chandni Chowk region. You can also find many such delectable chaat shops/chaat bhandars in Chandni Chowk. This place will especially satisfy your hungry tummies with mouthwatering flavors. Do visit here for some tangy and crispy golgappas.

Prince’s Paan and Chaat Bhandar

This place in New Delhi is also famous for its golgappas. They exclusively use mineral water for their fillings. Thus it is an ideal place for those who won’t compromise on hygiene. Also, they don’t compromise on their flavors too. As a perfect finishing touch, they give delectable paans after the hot golgappas. This is such an icing on the cake.

Ashok Chaat Bhandar

Both Delhi and Mumbai are panipuri hotspots in India. So let’s look at another golgappa spot from New Delhi. This panipuri shop is also present in Chandni Chowk. The most famous dish here is their ‘Dahi ke Golgappas’ or yogurt panipuris. The cold yogurt and the crispy puris are a match made in heaven. Furthermore, this place has been satisfying its customers for over 50 years.

Maharaja Chaat Centre

This chaat place is in the South Kolkata region. The Maharaja Chaat Centre near Vivekananda Park serves some delicious varieties of phuchkas/fuchkas. This place is famously known as Dilipda’s phuchka place. Their aloo fillings and tamarind water with a pinch of Bengali lime give a different tangy flavor to the chaat. Also, this is the most sought-after chaat place for most celebrities in Kolkata.

Dakshinapan Shopping Complex

Dakshinapan’s famous phuchka in Kolkata is present just near the Dakshinapan Shopping Complex. The place serves some yummy Dahi phuchkas in Kolkata. They also have aloo dum ka phuckha which is a must-try at this place. Besides, they also have meetha panipuris and churmurs. Churmurs is a sort of deconstructed panipuris with aloo.

Harsh Pani Puri

This famous chaat place in Nagpur is run by couples. They offer around 26 flavors of golgappas. Most of these panipuris have movie-inspired names like Bajirao Mastani, Shanta Bai, and Chulbul Pandey. The Harsh Pani Puri shop is also famous and trending across all social media platforms. Their spicy potato fillings provide a 360-degree sensory experience. Thus it is a must-visit place in Nagpur for all panipuri fanatics.

Nand Chaat Bhandar

Jaipur is also a famous city for its yummy street foods. The Nand Chaat Bhandar in Jaipur’s Raja Park area is famous for its golgappas. This shop opens only in the evenings and is famous among the locals. They serve hot as well as sweet panipuris with tangy chutneys. Their Dahi panipuri is famous in the city. Opposite to Nand’s Chaat place is the Chawla’s. This is a closed chaat space and is definitely a noteworthy rival for the Nand’s. Both these places serve tasty and flavourful panipuris.

Shantaben Panipuri Wala

Shantaben panipuri shop near Ellis Bridge in Ahmedabad is also a noteworthy mention. This hygienic chaat place also serves quality food at affordable prices. It is also one of the oldest chaat places in Ahmedabad.
These are North India’s some of the hottest spots that serve mouthwatering panipuris. This simple gastronomical wonder is also flooring foreign foodies in awe.

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