How to Get the Most Out of Curry Leaves?

Wondering how to get the most out of curry leaves? Curry leaves are the leaves of the curry tree (Murraya koenigii). The leaves of this tree, which is indigenous to India, are utilised in both food and medicine. They have a strong citrus flavour and are extremely fragrant. Curry leaves are a staple fragrant ingredient in Indian cuisine and have a wealth of medicinal and nutritional advantages. Curry leaves and curry powder are two different customary spice compounds, even though they are frequently used in cooking to flavour meals like curries, savoury dishes, as well as dals. A versatile cooking herb, they also offer a variety of health benefits because of the potent plant components they produce.

Let’s now take a look at the benefits of consuming curry leaves regularly as well as some ways you can eat them to get the most out of them.

Benefits of Curry Leaves:
It speeds up hair growth

Curry leaves have excellent results in healing damaged hair, giving lifeless hair bounce and bolstering the fragile hair shaft to prevent hair loss. On top of just that, Malassezia furfur fungal scalp infections have been resistant to the leaves extract’s antifungal action, making it useful for treating dandruff.

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It Aids in Lowering Cholesterol Level

Curry leaves include substances that reduce a person’s blood levels of cholesterol. The antioxidant-rich shrubs in this group stop the oxidation of cholesterol, which results in the production of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). By Increasing HDL levels, curry leaves lower the risk of developing atherosclerosis as well as heart problems.

It Supports Bacteria Elimination

Infections and/or oxidative cell damage are the root of every other disease. Alternative infection treatments are essential in the modern world because the prevalence of strains that are resistant to antibiotics is expanding quickly. Curry leaves serve as a concrete example of the promise in this situation. Curry leaves are rich in carbazole alkaloids, substances that have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, plus antioxidant activities. The chemical linalool, which gives these plants their floral scent, is also capable of eliminating pathogens and cell-damaging free radicals.

It Aids in Weight Loss

Curry leaf is a useful plant for weight loss. It is among the greatest methods for removing the body’s stored fat. According to research, curry leaves can lower triglycerides & cholesterol levels, which prevents obesity.

It benefits the liver as well

According to studies on curry leaves, the tannins & carbazole alkaloids found there have potent hepatoprotective qualities. Furthermore, it’s extremely potent anti-oxidative capability when paired with vitamins A and C not only protects but it also stimulates the organ to perform more adequately.

It promotes digestion

Since ancient times, curry leaves have been used for their ability to aid in digestion. Curry leaves are said to have mild laxative qualities in Ayurveda that aid the gut in eliminating unwanted waste.

And lastly, it is beneficial for diabetes

Curry leaves may be able to control diabetes, which is one of their many health advantages. Pancreatic cells that make insulin can be activated and protected by including curry leaves in one’s meals.

How to Get the Most Out of Curry Leaves:
Put in the dal tadka

Indian dal tadka is the most widely consumed comfort food. It tastes delicious and provides a lot of protein for vegetarians. Curry leaves increase the nutritional value of your dal while also enhancing its flavour when added to dal tadka.

Include in green smoothies

Clean spinach and kale greens, chilled mango slices, bananas, coconut milk, as well as a small amount of orange juice are all ingredients in the highly delicious green smoothie. The best choice is to add some curry leaves because the smoothie becomes healthier and retains its flavour despite the moderate taste. The best part is that children can consume curry leaves in the manner of a smoothie, which contains all of their nutritional benefits.

Grind it and mix it into the buttermilk

You must have had buttermilk, or what we often refer to as chaas in Hindi, the traditional Indian beverage. What if, though, we also add fresh curry leaves to it? Without a doubt, it would enhance its flavour. Blend the curry leaves, salt, black pepper, as well as green chillies together before adding the buttermilk and thoroughly combining everything. Your buttermilk with curry leaves is done!

You can also make curry leaf tea, curry leaves chutney, curry leaves chicken and last but not least, Rasam with curry leaves.

No matter how you choose to consume curry leaves, it will be good for you. So let us know how you eat curry leaves regularly to get the most out of them!

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