4 Yummilicious 15-Minute Breakfast Recipes: Indian Touch

Breaking your fasting is the healthiest thing to be done in the morning. It is a pressing priority not to skip your breakfast. The nutrient-loaded foods make the best brekkie for your body to be energized. Skipping breakfast would never provide any good result. The healthy development of your body relies on the food you consume to kick start your day. The initial food of the day is your body’s real boost which is why it is acute to not skip it. Most people skip breakfast just because they run behind time. This would never support your health. So, we are here with 4 yummilicious 15-minute breakfast recipes from Indian cuisine to help you. Never miss getting the most out of the following 4 yummilicious 15-minute breakfast recipes.


You might have forgotten about the bread pocket you left in the refrigerator. It might be freezing already. Why waste the food? Just ensure to make use of it thereby checking your fridge every morning. Toasting the slices of wheat bread stuffed with some common veggies could be a healthy idea. Well, onions and tomatoes are always the staple veggies in every Indian household. Chop them along with one or two green chillies. Sprinkle and mix them with the required amount of salt and chilli powder. Place them between the two slices of bread and toast them, using desi ghee. 15-minutes and you are done with an awesome veggie sandwich.

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Are you ready to add this recipe to your breakfast menu? The mixy-creamy smoothie makes your morning especially refreshing. Just add the fruits laying on your dining table including watermelon, strawberry, pomegranate, raising and seedless dates. You could even add a banana. The tip is to make sure you add more fruits regardless of the given fruits. Chop them, grind them and gulp them. The fruitful smoothie is loaded with immune-boosting properties, vitamins and iron. It takes no more than 15-minutes.


Like a veggie sandwich, egg scrambles could be great stuff to give your bread a toast. All you have to do is to prepare an egg scramble which consumes only a few minutes. Give your egg scramble the spicy touch if you wish to. Now, add them in between two slices of bread and toast them with yummy desi ghee. This is one of the 15-minute breakfast recipes that provide protein and other essential nutrients. The much-needed boost and toast recipe.


The batter is already waiting for your hands to have a cooking play. Either puffy idly or flat dosa, the South Indian touch could never fail you. As you keep the batter could be used for two days, you could make use of it. When it comes to a side dish, you could go with finger-licking urad dal podi. Podi is one of the staple side dishes to be stored in the container which comes in powder form. How about yummilicius podi dosa? It would never take more than 15-minutes when the batter is ready to use.

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