Top Hair-Healthy Foods You Should Never Miss

Adding healthy foods to your diet to develop your body health both internally and externally is good. Segregating different types of foods as per their particular benefits would help you as well. Similarly, certain foods would work on your lustrous, strong locks naturally. So, foods would be your input which could be used topically and the healthy and shiny hair would be the natural output. Well, here are some top hair-healthy foods you should never miss to add to your beauty regime. Thanks to the pantry stores the following top hair-healthy foods you should never miss. Continue reading. . .



Honey is known to be one of the naturally hydrating ingredients available in your pantry. You could feed your hair with the ultimate blend of honey and aloe vera gel. It would moisturize your hair and infuse all the essential nutrients thereby giving it a strong and healthy look.

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Could you not add chili to your beauty regime? Well, do not hesitate to use it. The presence of a rich component called capsaicin which infuses the power to chilies would actually regulate hair growth. Moreover, it stimulates the circulation in the scalp. So, you just have to prepare a mix with chilli powder and coconut oil and slather it over your scalp. Allow it to settle for about 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off with mild shampoo. So now, it is your choice to use it or not.



Ghee is a staple ingredient in your kitchen. With the hair health-promoting ability, ghee could be your mane’s buddy if you do not like to apply oil. It could be the best alternative for hair oil as it induces natural fats into your hair. Melt some ghee and use it to massage the scalp while it is still warm. The regular treatment of ghee could improve the hair’s quality.


Are you annoyed by your long frizzy and brittle hair? Well, you just have to pamper it with yogurt. Like other ingredients, yogurt is a staple food in many houses. The presence of lactic acid in yogurt could repair your damaged hair thereby making it soft. When it is applied regularly, yogurt could be extremely beneficial in curbing the hair fall and untangles the mane.



Most people would not choose onions even if they do know the hair benefits associated with them. This is mainly because of the pungent smell of the veggie but it has always been found in your pantry. The presence of sulphur in onion juice would work on collagen production which is responsible for hair growth. When the collagen production is uninterrupted, your locks would be elongated naturally.

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