5 Foods to Promote Healthy Beard Growth

Beard is the synonym of fashion in recent days. It not only highlights the masculine side of yours but also says more about your fashion personality. Growing beards might be dream come true thing for most men as it could be difficult to attain it. While men are into the hair growth process, they would give the same caress to the beard growth process too. The texture of your hair says a lot about your food intake. You indeed are what you eat. A healthy intake of foods helps you play with healthy hair and beard growth. So, you have to ensure your plate is filled with the right choice of foods. Especially, the foods your hair and beard love to receive. Fret not! We are here with 5 foods to promote healthy beard growth instantly. All you have to do is to add the following 5 foods to promote healthy beard growth.


Spinach might not be your favourite food but it is healthy food for all. Be a Popeye of your life and reap most of its benefits. The presence of nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, iron, and beta carotene in spinach would make the leafy veggie the must-have one. Especially, if you are pampering your hair and beard growth, it would be effective in retaining your skin, beard and scalp moist. Moreover, you would be healthy and satiated with your appearance.

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Break the eggs and gobble them down for better beard growth. The protein-rich food would make the facial hair grow healthy without any disruption. This is due to the presence of biotin, a vitamin, in eggs which is essential for the healthy growth of hair. Additionally, the fatty-acid present in the food is known for the production of testosterone in the body. This in turn promotes beard growth.


One of the powerful foods for your body is cinnamon which bestows enough benefits for your body. The presence of antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties in spice food is extremely beneficial. The regular consumption of cinnamon would not only work on your body but would also stimulate hair growth. This happens because it enhances the circulation of blood to the roots of the hair. Add it to your morning routine, handsome!


You might have already been enlightened about sweet potatoes and their benefits, aren’t you? Well, sweet potatoes are one of the weight-loss-friendly foods to be added to your diet. Being the counterpart for potatoes, sweet potatoes are richly loaded with beta carotene. It would be later converted into vitamin A which triggers the development of new hair follicles and roots. So, make sure to toss them into your menu.


With the help of the high content of boron, a mineral, munching a handful of raisins could regulate beard growth. It boosts testosterone levels in men. So, ensure to include raisins for your snack time.

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