Best Indian Comfort Foods to Indulge in Without Any Guilt

The only thing to exist in this world that never disappoints us is food. So it is not a surprise that some of us turn to food for comfort on days where we are not feeling very well. But most of the time these comfort foods cannot be enjoyed without at least a little bit of guilt. So what are some good and luscious Indian comfort foods to eat when you just want to? Read the full blog!

We listed some popular and unpopular Indian comfort foods that you should try when you’re feeling under the weather today. So, let’s get into the blog, shall we?

Masala Dosa

You’re probably thinking there is no way a masala dosa can be enjoyed without having to feel guilty because of how much oil people use. But don’t give up yet! We were surprised as you to find out that a normal veg masala dosa does not exceed the calorie count of 250. That amount is approximate for people who use oil a bit generously. So if you try to use a little bit less oil than usual, you’ll end up being full with a simple and the best comfort food of all time.

Masala dosas are typically filled with potatoes so you end up having a full stomach with just one.


Khichdi is the classic Indian comfort food that almost every Indian loves to eat not just during a stressful day but any day. Khichdi is made of lentils, rice and some veggies of choice so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see that it made the list of best comfort foods. Although it is supposed to be a sick day meal, the dish is far too tasty to just eat it during sick days.

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Idli and Sambhar

Ask every south Indian their typical breakfast or dinner favourite and most of them will answer Idli and Sambhar. It is a very common yet delicious Indian comfort food that can be found even in the rural areas of India. Idli is one of the lowest-calorie comfort foods you could find to eat away your sadness. Add some sambhar to it and everything is mostly back to normal because it is that good.


Another one of the best and popular south Indian comfort foods that are light, crispy and insanely tasty to eat. Appam is that kind of food that you would eat to get a warm feeling after a stressful or a horrible day. Pair it up with normal vegetable curry or chicken gravy, then it is out of the world.
Appam is just Idly when it comes to being low calorie. It can be described as a steamed dosa with no oil or any kind of unhealthy ingredients.

Curd Rice

Curd Rice is originally a sick food just like Khichdi and is supposed to be eaten when you are facing some problems with your stomach. But nowadays, people are loving the comfort feeling it brings, so it automatically made it our list of best Indian comfort foods. Just pair it with some pickle or papad or add some veggies like cucumbers or chopped ginger to it, then you’re all set to start feeling smooth.

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