Delish Protein-rich Vegetarian Indian Dishes

The rich Indian cuisine inculcates a distinct taste with a wide variety of palatable dishes. The ingredients added to the Indian foods make it lip-smacking and healthy as well. When it comes to vegetarian foods, India would never disappoint you as it is popularly known for its tasty vegetarian foods. But then people have this preconceived notion that vegetarian foods might not have enough protein content. Well, building up your muscles and maintaining your body needs protein. So, you would be looking for delish protein-rich vegetarian Indian dishes. Well, there are some delis protein-rich vegetarian Indian dishes which could help you in the process. This could also prove that you are wrong about the vegetarian dishes for their protein content. Let’s check out the following Indian dishes that provide the daily dose of protein.


Dal is one of the commonly and widely eaten dishes all over India. Being the staple foods, lentils are a great source of protein. So, why not add it to your diet? Well, there are varieties of dals and you could prepare using any of them including urad dal, moong dal, chana dal, green moong dal, and much more. They all are rich in essential amino acids. Serve the toothsome dal dish along with roti, dosa, rice, and even chappathi.

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Horse Gram Chutney:

Horse gram chutney is one of the South Indian specials especially in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. While you find flavoursome, colourful, and varieties of chutney, Horse gram chutney is one among them which is paired with dosas. Importantly, they are rich in protein.


Make use of paneer when it comes to protein. Choosing dishes with paneer as its main ingredient could work well for your body. You could either go for crispy, mouth-watering paneer tikkas or delish paneer stuffed dosa or binge-eat some Dahi paneer kebab. When it comes to dahi paneer kebab, it is a perfect blend of high protein ingredients including paneer, curd, and chana dal. Could you ask for more? Well, this would be a perfect treat for your tummy.

Rajma Masala:

Being a staple North Indian dish, Rajma is a storehouse of protein and fibre-rich vegetarian dishes served with rice and even with roti. It is prepared with ingredients including kidney beans, onions, spices, tomatoes, and herbs. Also, it could be prepared using red kidney beans, black-eyed peas, lentils, peas, and chickpeas. So, make the most out of this protein-rich delicious Rajma masala.

Kala Chana or Black Chickpeas:

Never miss the nutrients that black chickpeas could provide you. You could prepare a nice evening snack by boiling them and tossing them into your mouth or amazingly appetizing black chickpea curry to treat your tummy. It could be served along with Rotis or chappathis. Do not forget they are high in proteins and fibre.

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