Healthy Winter Breakfast Ideas to Add to Your Menu

Winter is already here blooming its days. Seasons do change and so the diet changes accordingly. The proper intake of foods could do wonders for your body. Complaining about your body issues without giving proper attention to your diet is of no use though. Preparing your foods at home which are composed of healthy ingredients would not enhance your internal system but also stimulates mindful eating. When it comes to winters, you just have to alter your menu with foods that make feel warm. If you are clueless about how to start your day, then we are here with some healthy winter breakfast ideas to add to your menu. So, read on to know the healthy winter breakfast ideas to add to your menu.


The cold season of the year incorporates the chill breeze, gloominess, greyness, and snowy. So, you should be ready to welcome the winter days with warm breakfast foods. One of the simplest and easiest ways to break your fasting is to sip a spoonful of steaming soup. Soups do come with multiple choices and healthy ingredients. So, go for mixed veggie soup or mushroom soup or drumstick leaf soup and much more.

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Like soups, wheat is the best winter food ingredient. You could stock it up in your pantry to make the most out of it. It could be effective in making your body comfy and warm during the winters. Already thought of preparing Rotis and chappathis for the brekkie? Well, you have got a perfect idea ever. So, make sure to get the most out of wheat.


Doesn’t it sound yummy and healthy? Well, the ingredients it requires are almond milk, cinnamon powder, oats, and apple. All you need to do is to blend them well. Now, warm it up slightly thereby adding the required amount of jaggery. With the warm and thick consistency, you could enjoy a lip-smacking brekkie during the cold windy days. They could provide the necessary nutrients and keep you warm as well.


Unlike other foods, people would not like to eat mint leaves. However, mint leaves are extremely healthy for your body. Mint leaves are the perfect food ingredient for all seasons. They are great for sore throat and cough, especially during cold days. So, try to include them in your menu at least this winter. How about mint leaves paratha or mint leaves chutney or refreshing drinks. It would be very Indian of you to give the green touch to your brekkie as well.


When it comes to winters, your body would be craving essential nutrients and warmness. It could be satisfied with the consumption of ragi based foods. Ragi is the best winter food to be incorporated. So, go for ragi dosa or ragi roti or ragi vermicelli to keep you comfortably warm and healthy during the cold days.

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