Simple Workouts to do This Busy Festive Month

With Diwali rapidly approaching, we've outlined a few exercises you can do in addition to your regular routine.

Along with being one of the happiest moments of the year, the holiday season is also responsible for an increase in calories. Some researchers contend that increased melatonin levels brought on by the approaching season cause an increase in appetite. Furthermore, the holiday season serves as yet another justification to consume an extra slice of cake (or finish an entire one). However, with Diwali rapidly approaching, we’ve outlined a few exercises you can do in addition to your regular routine and holiday preparations to make sure you don’t put on any extra weight.

Simple workouts to do this busy festive month:

A good, interesting yoga session can assist you in maintaining your weight at the quickest and thickest rate currently available. You should be on the right track for weight maintenance even if you only perform four to five different asanas and then a series of breathing exercises.

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Running or Jogging

Running or jogging is a no-brainer addition, and it was probably suggested to you by your friends as well. Although it is common, it is also the most effective method for burning calories. Consider downloading an app to help you stay motivated while running and go the extra distance.


While swimming may not be the best option for everyone, it is a fantastic alternative for those who live in apartments with a swimming pool as a perk. Swimming is the most advised exercise to lose extra weight and maintain muscle tone, despite being a taxing activity. However, after a swim, avoid going on a hog fest.


Pilates may not be the most efficient exercise on this list, but it is simple and great for beginners. Furthermore, it is a clear and concise routine if you intend to continue working out all throughout the year. The most significant benefit? In addition to helping you lose weight, it also enhances your fitness overall, balance, strength, and flexibility.

How to stay active during this festive month?
Play with the Kids

You’ll probably be around more young children than usual during the festive season. Take advantage of the kids being there and try to capitalise on their enthusiasm for the holiday. Play with your nieces and nephews instead of feeling overwhelmed by the additional duties that come with having young children around. You can chase the feisty kids all around the house or take the older kids on a walk to see the festive decorations in the neighbourhood. The hectic festive season will force you to squeeze in a workout, and it’s likely that the children will get you in the festive mood.

Set Goals

Due to the craziness of the Diwali season, it’s possible that something crucial like exercise is neglected. Make appointments for your workouts on your calendar and keep them just like any other appointments to prevent forgetting to go to the gym. When setting exercise goals, be reasonable and consistent. For instance, if you’re struggling to stay motivated, resolve to exercise for at least 10 minutes each day. It might not seem like much, but committing to something for just 10 minutes will help you establish a routine.

Get the family involved

It’s not necessary to stay in and eat the whole day (and night) in order to spend time with your loved ones. Start the celebration off by suggesting a dance competition with a Diwali theme or a game that requires you to be active and on the move. There are simple ways to get everyone moving together, like taking a stroll around the block to check out the Diwali decorations.

How are you planning on staying active and fit this Diwali with your busy schedule? Let us know!

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