Embrace the Goodness of the Pandemic Days

• Shakespeare and Issac Newton made use of the quarantine days of the bubonic plague when it hits England in 1606 and 1665.
• The former produced the famous play King Lear and the latter work on the development of the theory of gravity and calculus.
• Embrace and hone the inborn qualities and talents.

While the first wave of the coronavirus calmed down, we did not expect the crucial second wave of the infectious virus. The lockdown has happened and we are back to the life of hushed quarantine. Most people would not have wished for the idea of lockdown again.

However, the world is comprised of different types of people with unique characters. Meanwhile, the government is doing the best to combat viral infection. On the other side, we have kids playing in their merry world, youngsters waiting for their successful future, and working men and women for the changes in the workspace. But we forget to embrace the goodness of the pandemic days.

People with dreams are here on this planet and they are hoping to see better days. But we have to realize how an invisible virus could stop us from the daily hustling and bustling routine life. Just think about how commotion our life was before the pandemic situation? Hadn’t we lived in hurly-burly life? Yes, we do have dreams to achieve but there is always this gap between our aspirations and achievements.


No matter how much we achieved, we could not be satiated with it and we fix the next big dream achievement to chase. And so, we deserve this much-needed break from our daily hectic life.

Although working from home, managing the household, patting the kids to be active, bringing in all the courage in youngsters, and looking after the elderly people challenge us, we still got this going. We could embrace the comfy every day at home as it is the only place in this entire world that makes you feel better.

Now that, we got a lot of time to spend at home with family, we have to make use of it efficiently. This is because we could have yearned for this family time before the pandemic and even we might have been yearning for it later stage of our life.

This great pause of the world could be hard and delay our dream achievements. But we should be glad to embrace the goodness behind the pandemic days. We have got our extra “me-time” to improve our health from head to toe, create a healthy bond with our loved ones and stay connected with our friends with whom we tagged along.

Moreover, we have to accept that world is created with positivity and negativity and so it is up to us to be more productive and stay positive. The positivity we are infused with could boost our loved ones and persons in our surroundings.

The great English writer William Shakespeare wrote his famous play, King Lear, during the emergence of the bubonic plague in 1606. Well, the rage of the plague did not affect the world-famous writer. Another Legendary genius to quote here is Issac Newton – He was a Cambridge University student back during the second rage of bubonic plague in 1665.

He was grateful to live in the era of no social media or internet and so he spent most of his quarantine in his bedroom to progress the theory of gravity and to work on developing calculus. So, we could not be either Shakespeare or Newton but we could try to be productive like they did. To be productive, we have to boot the unwanted news about the virus or stop scrolling the newsfeed as it only exhausts us. So, start the day with getting the love from the sun, exercising, working, spending time with the family and kids, or at least take a step forward to achieve your dream job through sharpening the qualities.

The world has given us enough time to enhance our qualities during this great pause and so make use of it. So, make sure to embrace the goodness of the pandemic days.

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