3 Things You Could Do in Dharmashala

Dharmashala is one of the best places to visit during winters.

Have you been to Dharmashala? If you’re looking to end the year with a much-needed getaway then now is the best time to pack your bags, make a plan and go travel the country.

Travel has become much more convenient thanks to the numerous hostels for backpackers and solo travellers across the country.

Winter is the best time to visit Dharamshala. Pack your warmest clothes and take a bus to Dharamshala from Delhi. This is the fastest and easiest route and one can take any bus suiting one’s convenience. For a much-needed escape that doesn’t burn your pockets. Here are 3 things you could do in Dharamshala.

Work from the Mountains

The temples, forts and other tourist attractions are always frequented but the real beauty of Dharamshala can be explored when you go to the lesser-known spots, that are known only to the locals. So while you work in the day, use the early mornings and late nights to walk around the city, meet the friendly locals, and eat delicious momos.

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Walk around McLeod Gunj

A walk in the main square will tell you how quaint this little town is and how the town is still buzzing just before midnight. We would suggest eating in local restaurants that make Himachali cuisine like ‘House of Tibet’. You can also buy winter clothes from locals who hand-weave sweaters, vests, and gloves using traditional designs.

You can also walk up to the Tibetian Institute of Performing Arts and see any special shows that are put up there. Or simply enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains from the top.

Trek towards Bhagsu and Triund

Go up to Dharamkot and a taxi will take you to Bhagsu Falls. The other suggested trek would be an overnight camping trip to Triund. A bus will take you to the landing, followed by a 4-hour trek up the hill. It is an easy trek but may be a bit difficult for novice trekkers. Nonetheless, you will reach the base camp and can witness a beautiful sunset in the evening, a star-filled sky in the night and a warm sunrise against the Himalayas in the morning.

Many monasteries in and around Dharamshala can be visited for spiritual rest and an introduction to Tibetan culture inside India.

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