Rock Sugar (Mishri): Benefits You Should Know

Benefits of Rock Sugar or Mishri may come as a surprise to you.

Crystal sugar is also known as Rock sugar or Mishri in Hindi. Loved tossing it into your mouth, right? Then, read on to know more about this tiny and crystal form of sugar. It is an unrefined form of sugar that you might have had post-meal to increase digestion. Rock sugar has been an important ingredient in South Indian traditional occasions which is why it has gained it is an indispensable one in Indian cuisine. It is less sweet than refined sugar which makes it a healthy ingredient to chew. However, crystal sugar or rock sugar would come with several health benefits as it has been used as a natural remedy for certain health conditions ever since ancient days in India and Persia. So, let’s check out the amazing health benefits of rock sugar or Mishri.


Rock sugar could be a great after-meal candy like peanut jaggery candy. This is because chewing would stimulate the healthy digestive process in your body. So now, you might have got the point of serving rock sugar or the importance of rock sugar on every traditional occasion.

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Rock sugar or Mishri could be served as a refreshing summer drink that would help you beat the heat. The cooling and calming properties of the drink would ease the mind and body thereby alleviating stress. As a summer drink, it would neutralize the body, provides instant energy, and calms the senses. You could easily prepare it using Mishri powder and mix it with a glass of water to gulp.


Poor haemoglobin levels in your body would cause anaemia, pale skin, dizziness, tiredness, and an irregular menstrual cycle. Since rock sugar could be a natural remedy for treating several health conditions, it could help increase the haemoglobin level of your body thereby regulating healthy blood circulation.


Rock sugar could do wonders to soothe your sore throat and treats cold and cough if you take it along with black pepper. This is possible due to the presence of healing properties of the tiny and crystal sugar. So, you could simply mix some of the rock sugar along with black pepper in a glass of warm water and gulp it to get rid of cough and cold.


As aforementioned, Consuming rock sugar is one of the best ways to boost your energy immediately. It would uplift the mood and increase energy, especially during the menopause period. So, these are some of the amazing health benefits of Rock Sugar or Mishri that you should know.

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