Bewitching Countries Where The Sun Never Sets: No Nights

God has created the world with flamboyant places and lush green ambiance boundlessly. Mother Nature will leave you spell-binding almost every time and it thus spread sanguine vibrations. You could never discover the reason or mystery behind nature and nature has its own transparent curtains that you could never see beyond it. What if there is no sunset in a country? Believe it or not, some places in the world experience Midnight sun. A distinctive feature of nature has been exhibited in some places where the sun never sets for more than six months and so you could wonder at the sun for 24 hours amongst jungly hills and bluish river. Let’s have a look at the countries where the sun never sets in the country.

Countries Where the Sun Never Sets:

Peacefully encircled with enthralling ambiance, the country is whitish every nook and corner. You could enjoy waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers, and geysers or you can enjoy camping and diving. You can have an amazing ride on the Icelandic horses or play the sport of golf. The favorite and most interesting fact is you can enjoy the warmness of sun from May to July over here in the Land of White!

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A Brightly shining place with a bustling environment, Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. It is consisted of 14 islands and is located in the area where Lake Malaren connects with the Baltic Sea, where 30% of the place is covered with waterways. You can soak your soul amidst the chill breeze, splashing water and a serene ride on the waterways and that’s how you can enjoy the view of the midnight sun. It is because the sun sets at midnight and rises at 4.30 am. Skansen is yet another Swedish town, which is the replica of 19th century Sweden with traditional houses trade people and artisans. It was inhabited with the oldest museum in the entire world where you can witness the breathtaking view of the midnight sun.


The place is inhabited with endless greenery and bluish splashes and there are seasonal variations in daylight due to its high latitude. Norway is also known as “Land of the Midnight Sun” and from late May to end July, the sun never sets completely below the horizon in the areas of the north of the Arctic Circle. You can enjoy a cycle tour, sea kayaking, fishing, golfing or dip your soul amidst the place, by experiencing the midnight sun in Northern Norway.


For about 50 days during the summer, Inuvik and Northwest territories of Canada experience the summer. You can take part in the Midnight Sun Fun Run that begins at midnight on the weekend are some of the activities which you can wonder while you visit.


The place provides skiing, rock climbing, cycling and also hiking along with amazing midnight sun. Plan your amusing holiday trip to Finland around the Finnish National Holiday of Midsummer as these are months when the sun never sets, during which people light bonfires, thrilling boating and fishing.

Visit these places to experience the merriment views and exciting rides during the midnight sun.

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