10 Best Hairstyles of MS Dhoni So Far

Our Ranchi lad with mind-blowing cricket abilities is known as Thalaiva and Captain Cool, the inventor of the helicopter shot! Guess who it is. Yes, the megastar himself, MS Dhoni. Notably, one of the most successful skippers, Dhoni, continues to slay the internet with some of the most lethal hairstyles to his credit. Let’s have a look at some of them down below.

Best Hairstyles of MS Dhoni So Far:
The Straight Locks Hairstyle:

MS Dhoni was an unashamed fan of John Abraham during his early days with Team India. And his enthusiasm extended to his haircut as well. He was inspired by the Bollywood heartthrob and chose a distinct appearance that included streaked hair and long straight locks. Dhoni rocked this distinctive look in the early 2000s. He had no idea he was about to start a trend among men. This risky decision reflected his confidence and flare, both on and off the cricket pitch. Looking back, one can’t help but admire the boldness of this Dhoni hairstyle. It was the start of his style adventure, which would continue to change and impress us all.

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The Summer Hairstyle:

Our Ranchi boy stunned his millions of followers by cutting his hair short for a beautiful summer look. Summer MS Dhoni’s hairdo was eventually called after him. He was able to pull off this hairdo because he knew how to wear it with ease. What an incredible scene! As the hot summer sun beat down, MSD celebrated his T20 victory with such a perfect summer haircut that his admirers couldn’t help but yell, “Hip Hip! Hooray!” It wasn’t just a haircut; it was an indication of his ability to adapt and set trends on and off the pitch.

The Spiked Hairstyle:

Spiked Hairstyle

MS Dhoni, our Captain Cool, has always been a trailblazer when it comes to his ever-changing hairstyles. When Mahi was already a big celebrity and cricket’s poster boy, he decided to experiment with spiked hair. It was a stark change from his lengthy locks, and we couldn’t help but be drawn in by his endearing charisma. What really stood out was the ease with which he switched from his typical long hair to the shorter, edgier spiked appearance. This hairdo demonstrated not only his versatility. It also gave his legendary persona a new depth.

The Buzz Haircut:

The buzz cut emerged as a tough challenger among MS Dhoni’s ever-changing hairstyles, creating a flaming trend in its wake. Its flawless mix of aesthetics and functionality was what made it truly outstanding. It provided an appearance that was both effortlessly chic and extremely low-maintenance. This daring hairdo seemed to complement Mahi’s undeniable charisma and laid-back demeanour. MS Dhoni’s ability to fluidly flip between different styles, such as this buzz cut, confirms his standing as a trendsetter in both cricket and fashion. Mahi is incredible both on and off the pitch!

The V Hawk Hairstyle:

When it comes to the V Hawk hairdo, it’s difficult to think of anyone who can pull it off better than Mahi. His reckless approach to fashion and flair is as legendary as his cricketing abilities. Take a peek at this risky haircut and you’ll wonder if you’d ever be brave enough to try it for yourself. It’s a hairdo that defies convention while exuding confidence. Similar to Dhoni’s on-field leadership. In fact, it’s fairly uncommon for folks to be perplexed by this particular hairdo, frequently mistaking it for something else.

The Viking Hairstyle:

The Viking Hairstyle:

MS Dhoni once donned a Viking hairstyle that bore an uncanny similarity to the legendary mohawk haircut. However, his trusty hairdresser, Sapna, later explained that this particular appearance was not a standard mohawk. Mahi bravely shaved the sides of his head to achieve the Viking haircut, leaving a noticeable central strip of longer hair. It’s yet another example of Dhoni’s dynamic character beyond the cricket ground and into the sport of fashion experimentation.

The Jarhead Hairstyle:

MSD’s love of sports and avant-garde hairstyles knows no bounds. And he once again dazzled fans by sporting what his skilled hairstylist Bhavna fondly refers to as the “Jarhead hairstyle.” As the name implies, this hairdo added an extra layer of intrigue to Dhoni’s already intriguing image. He demonstrated his distinct sense of style by making this odd option.

The Mohawk Hairstyle:

With time, Mahi developed a taste for bolder haircuts, and his mohawk hairdo, among many Dhoni hairstyles, literally won too many hearts, as it heralded the beginning of many such hairstyles. Not only did Dhoni fans modify their hairstyles, but Hardik Pandya’s Mohawk Fade also caused a stir.

The Crew Hairstyle:

MS Dhoni decided to adopt the traditional crew cut, a hairstyle noted for its tidy and ageless appeal, during this stage of his style journey. Dhoni achieved the ideal harmony between discipline and a laid-back, fun-loving demeanour by keeping the middle portion of his hair slightly messy and tousled while keeping his sides precisely faded.

The Faux Hawk Hairstyle:

The Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Who would have imagined a reserved guy would wind up with such a daring haircut? However, MSD’s undeniable appeal turned this faux hawk into one of the most popular haircuts. Why not? This new Dhoni hairstyle is our personal favourite. It’s cool, just like our Captain Cool!

MS Dhoni has certainly taken us on a style journey, from straight locks to a faux hawk. His ever-changing hairstyles, like his cricketing abilities, represent his diverse nature. So, what is your favourite MS Dhoni hairstyle? Drop your comments below and let’s honour the style growth of our Thalaiva!

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