4 Beautiful Ways To Get A Shiny Lustrous Hair With Bananas


Interesting benefits of Applying Banana on Hair!

Perhaps, banana has many health benefits and that’s what we could have heard from our childhood days. Have you ever heard about the benefits of bananas other than eating? Well, applying bananas to your hair has multiple benefits. When it comes to iron deficiency or stomach upset or other stomach-related issues, the banana will be the first thing in the mind of humans. Additionally, it also helps in weight loss and what if the banana is also beneficial for the hair? Yes! Applying bananas to the hair can help in the growth of the hair due to the presence of calcium, potassium, natural oils, and other essential nutrients. And the presence of rich nutrients helps to retain the overall nourishment of the hair.

Benefits of applying banana to your hair:
Softens the crinkled hair:

The most interesting thing about the banana is the natural oil content that addresses the crinkled hair. You can also use it to straighten the hair quite naturally. And to do these things, all you need to do is just to mash two bananas and mix them with Multani mitti or lemon juice. Now apply the paste to your hair and let it dry for 35 to 40 minutes. And when the paste gets dry, you can wash it off then.

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Transfers your hair into shiny:

Generally, environmental changes and pollution can damage your hair. But do not worry about the damaged hair anymore, with the banana fruit we can overcome this damaged hair. It recovers the damaged hair by applying this fruit on your head, the reason is that it contains folic acid which further adds up the shine on your hair. So, you just need to mash the banana and then mix it with the egg and olive oil. Now, apply it to your scalp and leave it for nearly 15 minutes. And later, you can wash it off with water.

Nourishes and moisturizes your hair:

It will be a terrible thing to manage with dry hair. Definitely, you could have tried some products which are available in the market. But still, there are some easy-peasy things to follow for problem-free hair. You just need to mash the banana and make it into a paste. By applying the paste continuously, it will produce the expected result and also your hair turns out to be nourished, soft and silky.

Averts hair fall and dandruff:

The foremost reason for dandruff is just because of the dry scalp, which further leads to hair fall. But if you apply the fibre-packed fruit, then it will for sure combat all the problems of the hair. This is due to the presence of minerals and vitamins which moisturize the scalp. Additionally, it contains the healthy substance called emollient which helps in making the hair healthy.

The yellow-coloured fibre-loaded fruit is also helpful in boosting hair growth and prevents hair fall as well. Just make sure you are using it continuously or once a week because we need to take care of the hair.

With banana fruit, you can own flawless hair!

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