10 Steps To Recover Your Relationship After A Fight With Your Partner


Disagreements often lead to arguments among couples. Here’s how to make up with your significant other after a fight — even if you’ve had a bad one.

Count to 10

The moment you hear something you disagree with or don’t like, take a deep breath and count to 10. You don’t want to hurt your partner on the spur of the moment, do you?

Adopt a special “stop” signal for both of you

Have a secret weapon to stop a fight, for example, it could be a gesture or a funny word, which you both agreed upon. When your partner reaches the tipping point of a fight – do this. It’s like you’re sending your partner a message that you’re very close to passing the threshold of your patience.

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Don’t try to win

It’s not what you really want, is it? You don’t have to always be right. In an argument with your loved one, there’s no such thing as being right or wrong. Even if you feel strongly about something during the argument, it’s not going to be that important afterwards. Try it, and you’ll notice the difference.

Some issues just aren’t worth fighting about

It’s quite normal to have differences of opinion, especially when we have to get used to other people’s ways of living. Not all issues are worth fighting about, if doing so in long run they’ll only cause you stress and resentment. So it chooses wisely which causes are worth your time and which ones are not.

Hug your partner

During any circumstance like there’s a misunderstanding or a disagreement, the last thing you want to do is to have physical contact with the one standing in front of you. However, any tactile contact reminds you that you love this person and want to be together. Don’t be afraid to ask for a hug, and be generous enough to give one. It can help avoid a bigger fight.

Do something impossible

Let’s face it, we tend to interpret everything our partners do or say in relation to their past and, to be honest, often with a negative connotation. If he doesn’t do the dishes, it’s because he never helped you in the kitchen. If he forgets a special occasion, it’s because he never really cared about your relationship that much. Do this “impossible” thing: try to understand why he feels that way, and try to turn things around. This will change the entire nature of your interactions.

It’s totally fine to go to bed angry

Experts say that it’s not required to come to an agreement the same day you have a big fight. Give yourself time, take a rest and try to wake up early the next day. No worries: nothing bad will happen to your relationship during the night.

Be a little humorous

Crack a joke. That’s an awesome way to break the tension.  Avoid being ironic or cruel to your partner — just one innocent gesture or a funny word always helps.

Know your position

It always takes two people and two positions to have a fight. While you’re taking in deep breaths for 10 seconds, think about what exactly makes you feel angry and causes discomfort. Don’t be afraid to take responsibility!

Dose of pleasure

Remember the environment you and your partner are surrounded by has its own influence on your relationship. A negative atmosphere can easily turn a small disagreement into a big fight. For instance, if you’re hungry or the place is full of noisy people making it impossible to talk, the tension will definitely increase. Try to think of a dose of pleasure that might work for both of you, such as a tasty drink. This way you both realize it’s not the right time to fight: it’s time to have dinner and relax.

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