5 Essential Makeup Tricks And Tips Every Woman Should Know

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Almost every woman would have tried makeup on different occasions by having her hands-on makeup kit even if she is following zero makeup. At a certain point, Every woman out there would have tried it to see how they look in makeup, and ladies, you all should admit this fact right away. While this is the case, you should know how to flaunt your makeup by nailing it down. If you are someone obsessed with makeup or someone who wears makeup occasionally, you could simply nail down your look by following the essential makeup tips given below.

GET THE PERFECT FOUNDATION ON: To get the flawless foundation base, you gotta master the blender after using a primer to your oily skin. You gotta take extra attention when it comes to the area around the eyes. And if you suffer from blemishes, redness, or irritation, then use a color corrector. You could apply a concealer on these spots and over the foundation with the help of the brush. And finally, you could touch it up to a powder and blend it with your brush to look flawless when you step out of your home.

DISGUISE THE DARK CIRCLES: When it comes to cover up the dark circles, you first have to use a concealer that is slightly lighter than the color of the foundation you use. When you are done with the concealer, you could next apply powder with the brush. And make the final touch by applying some highlighter powder on the cheekbones which are exactly below your under-eye circles. Now, it’s done!

SLAYING WITH UPTURNED EYES: Turn your downturn eyes to gorgeous and stunning upturned eyes with the help of your eyeliner. All you have to do is to visualize two imaginary lines from the outer point of your eyebrow and another from the edge of your bottom eyelash line upwards. The junction where the two invisible lines meet would be the perfect angle to draw your eyeliner on. However, you should be careful by messing it up as it would go inside the eye and even avoid apply the eyeliner on the lash line as well.

ATTRACTIVE EYE-LASHES: Almost all women love to slay their day with an enviable eyelash. While some of you would nail it down, some of you would mess it up by clumping. Well, ladies, you could do flawlessly by applying your black eyeliner right under and over your waterline to both your lower and upper lash lines and concentrate on the outer corners of your eyes. When it comes to the first coating, start your mascara from the base of your eyelashes and then move sideways. Next, repeat the same for your second coat of mascara but now it would be for the upper lids’ of eyelashes. At the final step would indulge only the tips of the eyelash. So, you are now done with the stunning eyelashes.

THE BEAUTIFUL FULLER LIP GOAL: Lips are one of the attractive and beautiful parts of the body and women would love to pamper them. If you wish for a fuller lip, then get a lip liner of your natural lip color and use it to outline your lips. Next, use the lip shade you love to have and apply it carefully inside the outer line. And again, use your lip liner to draw the outer corners to get the perfect full.

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