5 Essential Tips You Should Never Ditch During Summer

Staying pretty, comfy, and cool during summer could not be a moving-the-mountain task. You could simply nail it through the following tips if you follow everyday.  Well, everyday also includes your weekends. Staying at your home would not only be safe but also make you chill and relax. Be it working women or ladies of the house or teenage girls, you might be combating the heat of the sun. However, you could still feel the serenity inside your house by having certain things handy. By doing so, your body and mind could come together to thank you. So, let’s check them out!


Most of you could experience dry and chapped lips not only during winters but also during the warm weather. The hot temperature could lead to dehydrated lips which is why it is insisted to drink more water. However, you would still need your buddy for your rescue, don’t you? Well, use it once or twice and ensure to drink enough water every day.

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Your clothes are the ones going to be clinging to your skin all day and so you gotta make a wiser choice to beat the heat. So, it would be better if you go either with cotton or bamboo or hemp as they would absorb the moisture from your body as well as they are breathable fabric especially bamboo and hemp. Both of them are eco-friendly choices to chill during the summer months. Importantly, it is often recommended to go to bed without brassiere as it would resist blood circulation and even leads to itchiness.


Your skin is waiting for your pamper and caress so that it could give the best result as you desire. Just because you are staying inside, it does not mean to skip your skin routine especially missing the moisturizer is not fair. Come on, it only takes only a few minutes to get done, and never be lazy to do it. Your Netflix or laptop or mobile
could wait for you. Who wants dry and dehydrated skin?


Have you ever wondered why the hotels of God’s Own Country have been serving a glass of pinkish-red water or herbal warm water? Well, It is great for an individual’s body as it keeps away several serious diseases and the pinkish-red is due to a herbal wood called Pathimugam. Even some would serve warm cumin water as it would also come with the benefits including blood purification and reducing the heat as well. All you have to do is to soak cumin seeds in a required amount of water overnight and heat it and fill it up in your bottle and keep it aside so that you could drink it whenever you feel thirsty. This is one of the best natural ways to cool down your body and stay cool at home.


No matter if you are in quarantine, you still use your sunglasses while you are spending some time in your garden or backyard, or terrace. You could simply watch the sunset in the evening, chill with your family and have some random clicks. It’s worth baby!

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