5 Most Easiest Ways To Treat Oily Skin This Summer


Each year, the heat waves are increasing with no drop in temperature. Though we are quarantined for months at home, we still have to take care of our skin which is the greatest gift all.  Most people still could not even escape from the facial oiliness which is the gift of summer. However, oily skin could be the result of genetics or other factors such as hormonal changes, stress, environmental changes, and diet. Most importantly, every one of us has oil in their skin which helps their skin to be moisturized. But to some, it would be more oily in the summer which would be the result of the aforementioned reasons. So, here are a few simple ways to treat oily skin when summer hits.

AVOID OVER EXFOLIATION: Excessive exfoliation could damage your skin as it could lead redness, flaking, erosions, and scarring too. So, exfoliating your face twice or thrice a week would be enough to get rid of skin cells and blackheads.

MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN: Even though you have oily skin, you should never skip this process of moisturizing your skin. You should keep your skin hydrated by using a bit of moisturizer. So, you could go for gel moisturizers which have a high water content that would act lighter on the skin.

NEVER FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN: You might think that you are quarantined at home and so you do not want your sunscreen on your skin. However, the sun’s UV rays would still get your skin through the glass of windows and damage your skin. You should never forget that heatwaves and how hotter it is and then how intensely it could damage your skin. So, you should treat your skin with sunscreen which protects you against the harmful rays of the sun and free radicals.

USE A MAGICAL BLOTTING PAPER: Did you know this little magical paper could do more for your skin? Yes! When your skin getting oily or greasy in the day time, just take a blotting paper and have it on your oily skin. You must have this product to treat your oily skin during summer.

A MINUTE OIL-FREE MAKEUP: Since quarantine is here, most people are working from home and are attending zoom calls. Some of you would run to have a sudden face wash to keep your face fresh to attend the official video calls. So, you could have an oil-free foundation which thus helps your skin to breathe and lower the chances of sweating, oil, and dirt which lead to breakouts. Apart from these simple tips, the foremost thing is to stay hydrated by drinking enough water.

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