6 Things That Happen During Mid Summer Rains


The blazing summer rains could come as a surprise that puts a great smile on your face. The sudden summer showers might bring you relief from the hot and sunny weather and cools down your body entirely from head to toe. This is why we embrace summer rains with wide open hands than the seasonal rains. Despite the happiness and joy, the sudden summer showers would come with real disadvantages for the planet. You should never get overwhelmed with the unseasonal rains as they might contribute to several misdeeds for the surroundings and your health. You gotta know the other side of the sudden summer shower that makes you excited from nowhere.

TURNS OUT TO BE IDLE: When you woke up to unseasonal rains, it would make you feel excited just because you do not wish for the scorching sun. Howbeit, you would end up sleeping or loafing all day. This would thus end up in pending of works especially if you are working from home and hug your bed due to the wet summer weather.  It would collapse your entire work schedule and make you work extra hours later. Haven’t you encountered this idle condition of gloomy weather in summer?

VEGGIES AND FRUITS PERISH AT FASTER RATE: The wet summer weather would cruel for the health of the fruits and veggies. This is because the fusion of the heat and the humidity makes the health of raw foods go worse. To tackle this condition better, you have to purchase fresh veggies at least every two days as you could never rely completely on your refrigerator due to the onset of the weather. However, you should ensure to keep your refrigerator tidy and dry especially during the summer showers.

INVITES THE INFECTIONS: The merge of dryness and wetness in the weather would welcome the viral and bacterial infections easily. You might be prone to those bacteria and viruses related diseases due to the sudden climatic changes. While the stomach and respiratory issues are common, you must be cautious of your surroundings and not ignore them while you are at the hype of excitement.  Do remember the outbreak of coronavirus in 2021 since the wet summer condition would make it worse than before.

OBSTRUCTS THE SOCIAL LIFE: When it comes to summer rains, the disadvantages would go beyond infections and surroundings. The sudden unseasonal rains would restrict your routine life and even disrupt your fun plans. Since summer is the time where you tag along with your friends and families to have a good lunch date and rides, unseasonal rains would turn things upside down. So, all of us would stay at home and would start feeling lonely. However, the pandemic situation has also added to this disruption of life.

THE MOSQUITO REIGN: While it is well-known that the increasing number of mosquitoes would lead to diseases such as malaria, dengue, and other infections, you gotta be much more cautious with the midsummer rains. This would allow them a better place for breeding with the stagnant water and pits open. So, make sure to use mosquito repellents.

THE BEFUDDLEMENT OF OUTFITS: You might be prepared for your work the next morning and make your outfits ready for the next day. But all you just did the night before would be collapsed when you woke up to the sudden summer rains. Here is where you are befuddled with the fashion as to what would suit the weather and even the footwear confusion pops up.

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