5 Tips for Safe Skin Waxing at Home

So, once again, it’s that time of year. And we’re not talking about Christmas. Summertime relaxation calls for trips to the farmhouse, the ocean views, or even your own back garden. However, wherever you choose to spend the blazing hot, bright summer days, you’ll be dressed in a little less. You’ll want to make sure to remove all the winter fuzz that has been beginning to grow on your body. Parts like the legs and bikini line are the most common places hair grows easily. since you’ll be exposing a little more skin. The best, safest, and most affordable way to get rid of it all is to wax. If you really want to wax but don’t want to hire someone to do it for you, we can help. Let’s examine everything you should know about waxing at home.

What to do before considering waxing at home?
Check Hair Length

Yes, you must wait until your hair has reached a certain size before waxing it again. Keep your hair lengthy to allow the wax to clamp it. If the hair is just too limited, the wax can’t take hold of it and remove it effectively. And if it is too long, the wax can’t adhere to it and it hurts more. Leg, underarm, & bikini hair should be allowed to grow for between two and three weeks. To be more precise, an eighth to a quarter of an inch in length.

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Exfoliate the skin lightly

You should avoid using harsh scrubs on the day of your waxing. But you can exfoliate your skin slowly and carefully a day or two before. Exfoliation aids wax in grabbing hair as opposed to the skin. However, it may also make skin more delicate to pain, so using a lighter substance is preferable. Use a rough washcloth to gently scrub away dead skin cells, but don’t brush too hard.

Check to see if your skin is prepared

Always inspect the skin before beginning to wax, no matter where. You must wait until any inflammation or broken skin has healed before waxing. Cover any moles or other cosmetic lesions with something before getting waxed to safeguard them.

Keep your skin moisturized

Throughout the days before your waxing, moisturize your skin thoroughly. Skin that is healthy and moisturized releases wax more readily. Avoid moisturizing on the morning of your waxing procedure. This is because too much moisturizer may coat the hair and affect how well the wax adheres to it.

Avoid Using Certain Skincare Products

Medication-related skin sensitivities can make waxing difficult. Retin-A creams are fantastic for treating fine lines, acne, and inconsistent pigmentation. But they also make the skin more vulnerable to damage during waxing. Two weeks before waxing, stop using products that contain retinol. Before waxing, people taking Accutane should wait one month after stopping their medication. Speak with your dermatologist prior to modifying any of your prescribed medications.

How to do Waxing at Home?

● You have the option of making wax at home or purchasing it from a shop. Once you have the wax, get ready for the hair removal procedure. You should read and adhere to the advice given at the start of this post.

● The area you will be waxing should be cleared and clean. Place a cotton cloth over the surface of the table or stool on which you’ll place the wax and the seating area.

● Apply a small amount of wax to your body in the direction of hair growth after taking an appro priate amount from the wax heater or wax container. For this, utilise a wax applicator. When you apply the wax, rub it with a wax strip. This is to ensure that it sticks to the area you just coated.

● Then, quickly pull it away from your skin in a single motion, in the direction that your hair grows. To ease the discomfort, immediately press your palm against the waxed skin.

● Repeat the procedure for all the parts of yourself that you’d like to wax. When finished, use a warm cloth to wipe your body. Give your body time to dry.

You can apply a gentle and soothing cream on the waxed area if placing your palm isn’t enough. Some people feel more pain than others, so do what works for you. And remember that even if it is a simple process, it can take once or twice of waxing to get a hang of it.

Do you wax at home often by yourself? Let us know!

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