5 Top Best Natural Alternatives For Chemical Infused Sunscreens


The scorching of the sun could act harshly on your skin which is why you might be grabbing sunscreen to shield your skin from the harmful sun rays. Sunscreen is the closest buddy of all seasons as it would treat your skin from sunburns and other heat-related skin issues. While there are tons of products available in the market, you still be wondering about the natural ones available and whether they could be the perfect alternatives for chemical-infused sunscreens. Since both the harshness of sun rays and chemical-infused products could react negatively on your skin, you might be seeking cheap and effective substitutes for sunscreen. So, here are a few counterparts for sunscreen products, and they are easily found in your home.


Being the natural moisturizer, coconut oil could help keep your skin hydrated which is well-known. But then, coconut oil could act as an invisible shield to protect your skin from the hurtful rays of the sun. Coconut oil is not just preventing the skin from sun damages but also reducing the inflammation, smoothens the blemishes, and turns your skin soft.


Almond oil and olive oil are easily available in your pantry as they have been used in various ways. Both almond and olive oil are also used for the betterment of your skin and hair health. The presence of vitamin E in the oils would make them worthy enough to increase the health of the skin. When you combine both the oils, your natural substitute for sunscreen product is done. All you have to do is to add almond oil, olive oil, coconut water, beeswax and keep it in the hot water to get the natural sunscreen.


Since aloe vera has been inhabited with powerful health and beauty benefits, it has a popular place in the hearts of humans. While it is commonly known to treat sunburns, inflammation, and redness, it could also work as a sunblock for the skin thereby protecting your skin from harmful exposure to the sun. As it could only be effective for a short period, you could still reapply aloe vera gel.


The protective coating of sesame oil on your skin would combat the sun rays from hitting the surface of your skin when you are busy out. The presence of vitamin E in the oil would be beneficial in protecting your skin from dangerous UV rays, pollution, and toxins as well.  However, you could also reapply the oil when you stay longer under the sun if needed.


You might already know how amazing shea butter is and how excellently it would work on your skin. Meanwhile, shea butter with a low SPF level could still act as one of the best sunscreen alternatives when you stay long under the sun. This is because of the presence of vitamin A and E which would benefit your skin in several ways. When you apply a thick layer of shea butter, it would avert the skin damages caused by the sun.

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