6 Awesome Hairdos for the Rainy Days

When it comes to women, we have infinite options to style our hair. From double braids to high hair bun updos, women have multiple ways to style their hair. Seasons change and so do our hairdo(s). Be it, curly queen or wavy long warrior, the rainy days may give a tough fight for you. The storming wind and drizzling drops of rain can spoil our hairdo for the day. So, what type of hairdo(s) can help flaunt the rainy days? Well, wondering how to style the tresses? Then, this is the right place to find the answers. The article provides 6 awesome hairdos for rainy days. So, make the most out of the following hairdos.


When it comes to a high bun hairdo, it suits well for both elongated straight hair and cute curly hair. Curling a few strands of hair out of the bun can be the signature style of the day. So, you can now walk around with a pretty rainy day hairstyle.

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If you want to add a chic look for these romantic rainy days, the Knotted ponytail is your thing. Moreover, women feel satisfied when their hair is knotted. Isn’t it true? Knotted ponytail is not the toughest thing to master but it can be done easily. The bonus thing is that it does not be tighter like a high ponytail. It only bestows the loose hair look with the short strands out adding the beautiful chic look.


While a high bun does perfect for elongated hair, a half bun does the best for both long and short mane. This is one of the modern hairdos which most women wish to master. All you have to do is to pull some hair and make a hair bun and leave the rest. Either long or short locks, it matches well for the gloomy weather.


If you are someone tired of styling your hair, then this perfect hairdo idea is for you. Every woman has that jumbo clip in their dressing table or hair clip collection. Pick out that jumbo hair clip. It is time to wear it outside and boast your rainy days’ look. This is one of the quick fixes you can ever come across. All you need to do is to fold your hair and fix it with your jumbo clip with a few strands out.


This is just as simple as the other hairdos. Kim Kardashian looks gorgeous and bold every time she gives the public appearance in a fishtail braid. The stylish statement is thus provided. Believe it or not, fishtail braids suit well for your classy and sassy attires. The drizzles cannot stop you from going voguish.


Bandanas are not only for summers but for rainy days as well. Either long or short, your hair is protected under a silky bandana. Not to mention, the colourful patterns of the bandana adds up the look for the day. Make use of those unused bandanas from your wardrobe. So, these are 6 awesome hairdos for the rainy days which are a quick fix.

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