6 Best And Worst Places To Get A Tattoo On Your body


Presently, we could have witnessed the growing craziness among people of getting a tattoo done on their bodies. It looks freaking cool when we see people with tattoos on their hands or any other places of their bodies. Well, you will also be induced or influenced by the mind of getting the tattoo on any place of your body after you have seen the freaking tattoo on a person. However, you should always remember that some places in your body are not the most ideal places for a tattoo. And so you have to avoid the places which change naturally when you get older or the places that might be affected during pregnancy. Let’s look into the 3 best and worst places to get a tattoo!


INNER ARM: It is advisable that if you are always out in the sun, you may better avoid choosing a tattoo on the outer arm. You can wisely choose your more protected spot as an inner forearm which is practically immune when it is exposed to the sun. And also tattoo in this place will look fresh and shields against the sun’s rays.

OUTER COLLARBONE: It is ideally a good choice to get tattooed on the outer collarbone as this area is not exposed to the sun. The reason to get tattooed at this place is that it will be covered by our outfits or shirts or scarves. Experts also say that it is the least likely to stretch as you get older and this may be another main reason.

HAIRLINE: It is also advisable to get a tattoo, just right below the hairline where it will stay freaking newer and cooler as long as it can. It doesn’t expose to a lot of sun rays. Because if you have long hair, it will protect the tattoo even more from the sun if in case you are not plaiting your hair.


ABDOMEN: It is not a cool or good idea to get tattooed on your abdomen. If your stomach tattoo starts stretching out during pregnancy, then it may lead to bad issues. You should always consider the advice of your tattoo artist and can ask for suggestions too.

FEET: You might have seen many persons with foot tattoos and it will be freaking awesome to look at. But if it starts to fade away, then you should cease to get tattooed at this place. If you get tattooed around the areas of the foot such as on the ankle, sides of the feet, the top of the foot, and around the heel, then it should require many touchups as it is constantly rubbed against the shoes and socks. So it is not advisable to get tattooed on the foot.

INNER EAR: We all know that inner ear tattoos will look great when they are done at the step. Experts explained that it will fade away very soon as the inside of the ear doesn’t hold the ink very well. You should be ready to get constant touchups and so it must not be a good place to get tattooed.

Think twice before getting a tattoo and do not regret it after you got it!

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