6 Fruits for Faster and Healthier Beard Growth

Growing a thicker and bushier beard is a recent fashion amid men. As it enhances the appearance and personality of an individual, the growing beard has to turn out to be a trend. It is a symbol of manhood. To some, it grows naturally whereas some struggles to make the beard grow faster and healthier. Making your beard grow faster and healthier is the real roller coaster ride. You cannot ignore the fact of you being the victim of hair fall while you are into growing bushier bread. Hair fall can be one of your foes or hurdles that you face while you are on the path of faster and healthier growth of beard. This is why we are here to help you in the process with 6 fruits for faster and healthier beard growth. Read on to include the following 6 fruits for faster and healthier beard growth.


Known to be the King of Fruits, Mango is the sweetest and palatable fruit that none can resist. Mangoes are easily available in the market and do you even need a reason to enjoy the juicy fruit? Well, munching some juicy pieces of mangoes can promote the health of beard growth. This is possible because of the presence of vitamin C, E, and A, iron, and zinc in the fruit. You can have it either as a raw fruit or as a smoothie.

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Being a tropical fruit, guava is yet another fruit that can lend its help in the process of growing a faster and healthier beard. The dietary fibre rich fruits can make help you throughout the process. Along with this the rich vitamin C content can enhance your health and beard growth.


This may be coming as a surprise to many. Unbelievably, strawberries can be associated with beard growth. The presence of vitamin C, biotin, vitamin B5, vitamin A, vitamin E, and boron in this captivating fruit can support beard growth naturally. Well, the captivating fruit can help you captivate the ladies with your attractively styled beard.


The popular fruit is highly consumed by most people around the world. Can you believe if bananas help you grow a bushier and thicker beard? Of course, it can be effective in the process of beard growth. The great source of potassium along with other essential nutrients in the fruit is beneficial in beard growth.


Another fruit that is a boon to the earth, is pears. Again, the rich source of boron, vitamin A and C, and biotin can be effective in beard enhancement naturally.


With the high content of vitamin C and antioxidants, kiwi is extremely beneficial in promoting the growth of the beard and making it healthier as well. It combats the free radicals and protects the beard from it thereby improving its growth. So, you can have it either as a raw form or smoothies or adding it as an ingredient in the salad.

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