6 Powerful Yogasanas That Do Wonders For Your Skin


You might have tried several beauty products to get clear and glowing skin. At times, you might even feel tired or bored of using the products as it did not provide the expected result. Some might even spoil the texture of your natural skin. Well, if you feed healthy and good from inside, then you must look good and happy outside. So, you do not want to spend much money on beauty products, you could make your skin amazing with simple yoga methods. It would not only help you physically but also proffers some beauty benefits. So, you do not want to invest your money but you could invest your time for better and healthier glowing skin.

UTTHANASANA: This type of asana is something which you could do by bending forward. It would provide you the glowing skin you wish. Thus functional pose would not only increase oxygen supply to the skin cells but also offers you helpful nutrients that would then combat the damage caused by free radicals. Moreover, it would provide better skin rejuvenation.

TRIKONASANA: Being one of the most functional yoga poses, trikonasana is popularly known as the Triangle pose. Well, it is the perfect yoga asana for glowing skin as it opens up the lungs, chest, and heart. The oxygen supply to the skin is good in this pose and the skin would thus feel revitalized.

TADASNA: You do not have to strain much to practice this type of asana as it is a simple standing pose. Otherwise known as Mountain Pose, it helps in focusing on deep and rhythmic breathing which is essential for occurring healthy skin. When you get more oxygen through controlled breathing, it would highly beneficial for your body by eliminating the toxins. Thus, it would also be helpful in retaining the skin’s health and glowing effect.

BHUJANGASANA: Know as a relaxing cobra pose, Bhujangasana assists you in relieving tension, stress, and fatigue. It would be helpful in skin rejuvenation, thereby supplying oxygen to the skin cells. This would in turn be helpful for the body to wash out the toxin accumulation inside.

MATSYASANA: Otherwise known as fish pose, this asana would be helpful in promoting healthy skin through better functions of the thyroid, pineal, and pituitary glands. It would normalize the hormones as well. It provides a great stretch to the muscles of the face and throat, and thus, making it the best exercise to alleviate double chin naturally.

PAVANAMUKTASANA: The best asana to enhance your digestion process. This wind relieving pose would be helpful in treating constipation and lowering acne and pimple on the face as well.

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