6 Super Amazing Skin Benefits of Vitamin A You Never Knew About


Vitamin A is known for its eye benefits and other health benefits. But you might be amazed to know how much it could do for your skin. Vitamin A contains essential compounds including active forms and other provitamins A carotenoids such as beta-carotene. While your skin needs certain necessary nutrients, vitamin A is one among them. Your skin could get its daily dose of vitamin A either from your diet or from the products you use. It would make your skin to be firm and radiant and healthy. Here is a list of skin benefits when you get your daily dose of vitamin A.


The presence of retinal, retinol and retinoic acid in vitamin A is necessary for cell production and growth. This amazing vitamin would promote fibroblasts which lead to better development of tissue and keeps your skin firm and healthy. When you do not get enough dose of vitamin A, it would even result in weakened skin and other skin problems.

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Vitamin A is proved to be wrinkle-fighters and it is known to battle many other signs of aging as well. It also stimulates the collagen production. The retinoids in vitamin A would are responsible for collagen production, reinforcing the skin, and diminishing the fine lines on the surface of your skin, and makes it smoother than before.


As most of your vitamin A comes from the consumption of foods that are rich in beta-carotene and provitamin A carotenoids, it would act as a shield against UV damages and destroys the free radicals which break down collagen. However, it would also work great in smoothening the fine lines and saggy skin. It would also reduce the skin’s sensitivity to the sun which would thus prevent redness and pigmentation.


The formation of clogged pores with dead skin cells, bacteria and oil would lead to pimples. When your skin gets its dose of vitamin A, it would promote cell turnover which would be helpful in slow oil production and de-clog the pores as well. By this process, it would clear up acne or pimples.


Since your skin is an essential part of your immune system as a major part of your body is naturally covered with skin, it could be the first form of defense against bacteria, pollutants, and infection. Vitamin A could help promote cell production which would, in turn, helpful in protecting your natural complexion from harmful irritants.


Vitamin A is naturally helpful in brightening your skin tone. You could get radiant skin by increasing and balancing the skin cell turnover which would help make your cells healthier. On the other hand, the retinoids present in the vitamin would also make your skin evenly toned and glowing by blocking an enzyme that is needed for melanin production.

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