7 Simple Ways To Be More Eco-Friendly When It Comes To Fashion


When it comes to clothes, the quality, types, and choices would vary from person to person. We all know how the environment has been harmed and harassed by corporations and industries and so it’s high time we have to battle this condition. If you really wish to cut down this mushrooming environmental issue due to corporates, then you gotta do few things by tattooing the healthy environment sign in your brain. It could be something like choosing eco-friendly clothes which have got its impact on the planet. Since fashion is an inevitable one in everyone’s life, we could choose fashion to combat industrial harassment in the environment and embrace the planet. Read on to know the helpful ways to pick eco-friendly clothes!

BID ADIEU TO THE REAL LEATHER CLOTHES: Not only harms animals, but real leather also harms the environment. As animal skin is used in the making of leather, it would definitely undergo several processes which require a heap of chemicals and energy. So, why don’t you say goodbye to those leather products by recalling the harshness they cause?

GO FOR SUSTAINABLE FABRICS: Purchasing clothes made of sustainable fabrics is one of the ideal ways to go eco-friendly. Instead of using cotton (which demands tons of water and chemicals in the process of preparation), you could pick clothes made from linen, hemp, and bamboo as well. It’s good to know that linen comes from flax and better option when compared to cotton as the process requires only fewer resources. Hemp could be multiplied into varieties of fabrics and it could be easy to grow and ditch the use of chemicals. Similarly, Bamboo is a fast-growing one that requires no pesticides and it is a rare type of fabric too.

PURCHASE FROM WORKER-FRIENDLY BRANDS: Purchasing from brands that have good labor practices could be another best way to go sustainably fashionable. When you choose a worker-friendly brand, you could make sure that you are actually purchasing clothes made by someone who is getting paid with a fair wage along with great working infrastructure.

HOW ABOUT THE HOMEMADE ONES? If you think about buying homemade or locally made clothing, jewelry, or shoes, then you could go with this idea as it is great for the health of the environment. When it comes to handmade items, they do have zero harm to the environment as factory-made ones. Meanwhile, you are encouraging a local and small business.

RESEARCH AND GO FOR IT: Some of you might be browsing for eco-friendly brands to buy fashionable clothes which are less harmful to the environment. But you should not add those attractive clothes to your bags, just by watching the advertisements. You need to browse and research a lot about eco-friendly brands to ensure you are purchasing the real eco-friendly types.

MEND THE FAVORITE ONES: You all must have a favorite outfit or dress or attire which would be undisturbed for years in your wardrobe after a hole, or wearing it infinitely or left torn in the corner. Haven’t your brain pops up with the idea of mending it or wearing it again no matter what instead of throwing it away when the time comes? Well, you could extend the life of your favorite clothes thereby lowering clothing waste and saving money.

QUALITY MATTERS: Sometimes, it is indispensable to avoid purchasing new clothes. And if you are going for something which need not be eco-friendly, then ensure you are selecting the high-quality ones which last longer. They are worth spending though.

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