8 Super Classy Churidar Neck Designs For Upcoming Festive Season


Suppose you are looking for new or latest churidar neck designs. In this case, you will see a picture of a completely new design. All modern and trendy designs. You’re sure to love this design, no less than Fancy Design, a great mirror made on your cotton clothes. There are many designs for Kurti, the latest models and fantastic churidar neck designs with piping so this design looks really good.

People love the best churidar designs, you can wear them even in summer, but simple designs are most preferred. The simple churidar neck design is very popular. Not only that, but you can also insert the collar inside to make it look nicer. If you want some design draw a neckline with a collar.

1. Round stand-up collar

More and more women are opting for full round necklines for saris and dresses because – firstly, they look sleek and well-groomed; Second, it helps to remove all the bare neck and earring styles. A round neckline with 3/4 sleeves should be your go-to if this style suits you.

2. Chinese collar embroidery

Many designers prefer the collar of this embroidered Anarkali suit because there is nothing to marry the style and the look. So, for smaller events, lunch parties or festivals that need to be embellished, opt for this Neck design.

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3. Wide half diamond neck

Wide and deep, the half diamond neckline is another chic neck design for your salwar hand suit. Sambalpuri, Pochampalli, Ikkat, etc. match this neck design.

4. V-shaped line

Are you a fan of the sunken V neck but not too excited about the idea of wearing it? Does not matter. Take a wide V neckline and add a patch to cover the bust. Choose a patch of the same colour and contrasting colour for the embroidery or a standard tone like dark gold or silver to enhance your outfit.

5. Simple V-neck with thread work

The neckline is built in most of the salwar costume material; so this is nothing new to us. But it never goes out of style – opt for a simple V and opt for yarn, maggam, or embroidery. You hardly need any accessories; The dress will say it all.

6. Boat Neck

We can never get enough submarine necklines for our blouses and dresses, can we? I can’t and I think they look beautiful. And because everything stands out in terms of cotton, z. boat neck as is, with tube/embroidery etc.

7. Collar with V neck

How about a combination of our two most popular Neck designs? Thanks to our designers, this is now possible. Deep V neck collar – no buttons, don’t forget!

8. Simple round neckline

Regular crew necks will never let you down, but sometimes they can be really soft, especially when it comes to cotton dresses. So add a bit of coolness by adding something to the vest that looks like a continuation of your churidar neck design.

Eye-friendly and elegant to wear – it describes only the finest cotton dresses. Are you considering switching to cotton or would you like more in your closet? Or have you always been a cotton churidar-like man? Which of these churidar neck designs is your favourite look? Let us know by posting some text in the comments below.

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