Amazing Makeup Trends of 2021 to follow up in 2022

Even though it is only February, there are a lot of new makeup trends emerging in 2022. From the most popular Euphoria glitter makeup to the bold blush makeup look, you may have already noticed all of the amazing makeup trends of 2022 in February. However, there are some amazing makeup trends of 2021 that we believe we should not completely ignore anytime soon. Some 2021 makeup trends are considered iconic and classic, and will never be forgotten. If you’re wondering what these makeup trends are, keep reading! We’ll go over some of the best makeup trends of 2021 that you should keep in mind for 2022.

Makeup trends of 2021 to follow in 2022:
The Monochromatic Makeup trend

Monochromatic trends are always one-of-a-kind. And the monochromatic makeup trend of 2021 remains one of the best ways to achieve a classy and cute look. This was a popular 2021 spring makeup trend. To achieve this monochromatic makeup look, all you need is eye shadow, blush, and lipstick. And do you know what the best thing about this makeup trend is? Everything will be the same shade. Your eye, cheek, and lip will all be the same colour, making it much easier to remember.

The multicolour eye makeup trend

Every year, people create new eye makeup trends, and the most popular eye makeup trend in 2021 was multi-coloured eyes. To try this, you’ll need a beautiful eyeshadow palette. You should also use a neutral eye primer to prevent the eyeshadow colours from fading or spreading into other colours. After applying the primer, you can begin wearing the best combination of eye shadow colours to create a stunning 2021 eye makeup trend.

The No-makeup makeup trend

You may recall how many people posted their no-makeup makeup looks and tutorials online in 2021. That was undoubtedly one of the biggest makeup trends of 2021, and every makeup enthusiast tried it at least once. To try this makeup trend, all you need are light and neutral-coloured makeup products. The goal is to keep it soft and make it appear as if you’re not wearing makeup. And that is how the name “no-makeup look” came in. You can wear this makeup trend to work as well as to any type of casual or professional event.

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The Eyeshadow as an eyeliner makeup trend

TikTok and many other Instagram makeup artists contributed to the popularity of this 2021 makeup trend. The majority of the 2021 eye makeup trends focused on making eyes appear soft rather than bold and sharp. And this one perfectly illustrates it. Simply choose an eyeshadow colour and apply it as an eyeliner. You must have steady hands and an angled brow brush. Dip the brush into the eyeshadow colour and smudge it across your upper eyelid and beneath your lower lashes. This is yet another makeup look that can be worn anywhere you want to look elegant.

The fluffy brows makeup trend

Because we all spent the majority of 2021 covering up the lower half of our faces, the eye and brow trends were the most prominent in 2021. And these fluffy and brushed brows were among the most popular. If you use a brow styling product such as brow wax, you can achieve fluffy brows with straightened tails. However, if your brows are naturally straightened and you can achieve this look without using any additional wax, you can do so as well.

And those are some of the best makeup trends of 2021 that you should continue to follow in 2022. What were some of your favourite makeup trends of 2021? Please let us know!

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