Delish Types of Momos to Try Immediately!

Momos are becoming increasingly popular in India. Every corner of the state has a variety of Momos to eat. This particular snack originated in Nepal and has been sweeping the Indian street food scene for quite some time. Momos resemble dumplings and, like dumplings, are filled with a variety of fillings. In India, you can try a variety of stuffed momos, ranging from vegetables to meat. However, there are some types of momos that are absolutely delicious, and you should try them right away if you haven’t already. So, shall we take a look at those types of momos? Keep reading then!

Types of momos you should try immediately:
Chilli Garlic Momos

If you’re tired of eating the same and boring momos all the time, try these Chilli Garlic Momos. Everyone knows that Indians love spicy foods, and these Chilli Garlic Momos are some of the best spicy momos you’ve ever had. To enhance the flavour, regular steamed momos are tossed in the Chilli Garlic sauce. This will be a great snack to have on cold winter evenings.

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Chocolate Momos

If you have a sweet tooth and want to try something really sweet as a snack, Chocolate Momos are the way to go. And before you think that this combination isn’t a good one, think again! This is a popular sweet snack for anyone who enjoys the flavour of chocolate in everything. The momos are stuffed with gooey chocolates, but that’s not all. To make the chocolate momos more memorable, they are also topped with chocolate sauce and chocolate bits.

Kothe Momos

Kothe Momos are yet another delectably delicious type of momo. This type of Kothe Momos is also known as traditional Nepali fried Momos. These momos are pan-fried and come with a variety of fillings. Meat is the most popular filling. Kothe Momos with Momo Achar, a special side sauce, seem to be the best street food you can eat whenever you want.

Jhol Momos

Jhol Momos are very popular in Kathmandu Valley. These momos are one of the most popular dishes in Kathmandu. The steamed momos are placed in a bowl with a liquid sauce known as Jhol Achar. Jhol Achar has a spicy and tangy flavour that goes well with the steamed momos. This is yet another ideal winter street food to add to your food bucket list.

Open Momos

Ghangri Sui Mai, a popular restaurant in the Kathmandu Valley, invented the Open Momos. However, just because it was invented in Nepal does not mean that it is not officially available in India. Many special Momo restaurants serve this type of Momos. Instead of being completely closed like regular momos, open momos have four small openings. This allows people to fill the momos with different types of sauces rather than dipping them.

Wheat Momos

Wheat Momos are similar to other momos, but instead of regular refined flour, wheat flour is used. Wheat momos are a much healthier option that you can choose if you don’t want to spoil your stomach after eating a lot. For a spectacular taste, ask for chilli sauce or mint chutney to dip these momos in.

So, there you have it: some of the most unique and delicious momos you should try as soon as possible. Which type of momo is your favourite? Please let us know!

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