7 Most Trending Lipstick Shades To Glam Up Your No Makeup Look


Makeup is actually an amazing art and mastering it would definitely be a difficult task, isn’t it? Well, when it comes to a no-makeup makeup look, then it would be much tougher until you pick up the right lipstick to go perfectly with the no-makeup look. Of course, you could not grab those captivating hot red ones or peppy pink ones or any other enticing thick shades. However, the lip shades which would work well with natural looks would be soft pinks, browns, and nude undertones. Most of you might be great fans of nude shades and this would obviously good news for you. Since natural looks are going rounds, most women have been trying to nail the no-makeup makeup look on them. So, here are some beautiful lipstick shades that glam up your no-makeup makeup look.

ALLURING GLOSSY PINK: If you wish to have a glossy touch, then choose an alluring pink shade that would work well. This transparent lip color would add beauty and freshness to your look without taking much effort or time. Hey dolls, get those pink ones on your lip if you go crazy for the shade.

ENTICING PEACHY-PINK: Like glossy pink, a peachy-pink shade would intensify the natural color of your lips as you wish. You would doll up to slay your day with that catchy, natural look as soon as you step out of the house.

GLAMOROUS PINK LIP SATIN: Wish to make your lips look naturally roly-poly and fashionable? Well, you gotta pick a pink lip satin to make it happen. It would do its magic on your lip by taking a small amount of it and smudge it on your lips. Also, avoid using lip liner to make it go natural-looking.

ENCHANTING ROSE MAUVE: When it comes to picking mauve, you have to pick a beautiful rose mauve shade as it would charmingly team up with the no-makeup look along with a natural touch. You do not even see it there on your lips because this magical rosy shade would blend well with your lips naturally.

STUNNING SOFT BROWN MATTE: Hey dusky queens out there, this one is for you! Get that stunning soft brown on your lips as it would provide you a top-notch no-makeup look. You just throw away those dilemmas and get that crazy brown shade on your lips.

BEGUILING SATIN NUDE: Oh yes! Nude shades have gained several fans. This satin nude (pinkish-brown) tint could proffer you a charming and polished look overall. And what more you need? You get that natural touch as well.

ARRESTING COCOA BUTTER MATTE: Wanna highlight your pout naturally? Then grab the cocoa butter matte and use it on your lips to dazzle the entire day. When you apply this amazing cocoa butter matte on your pouty lips with a wand, it would provide you natural look along with moisturized lips to shine throughout the day.

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