Creative Ways to Store Your Accessories or Jewels

Purchasing some cute, tingling, and shining accessories that match your attire would be a most favourite thing to do for many. As you collect or purchase colourful accessories or jewels when you go shopping, you would be running out of space to store. You would be wondering where to store your new collection then. Of course, you would be allotted a particular almirah for your tingling accessories and cosmetics. However, if you are running out of space or in case, you do not have any particular almirah, then here are some creative ways to store your accessories or jewels. Continue reading to use the following creative ways to store your accessories or jewels to avoid clumsiness. Sometimes, stuffing everything in a place could make it difficult for you to pick the right one when you need it the most. The tension is real, isn’t it? Read on to ditch this. . .

Buy More and Store Creatively:

Constantly, you might be insisted to go with less or minimum when it comes to purchasing accessories. Less is not an essential thing to follow if you are going to purchase some amazing and matching collections of jewelry pieces. You could store it in an empty chocolate box, trays, or drawers, and any other small containers which you think are perfect for storage.

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Tiered or Rotating Jewelery Box:

If you are someone who likes to go with the traditional trend or who loves jewelry boxes, then grab the one that grabs your attention. Choosing this tiered jewelry box would help you save some space as you could store different types of jewelry pieces in each.

Ibaco Chocolate Boxes:

Why don’t you use those lively Ibaco chocolate boxes for storing the accessories? Well, these chocolate boxes come in different shapes right from small to large with a colourful design on the top of the lid. Most of you might leave it unused once the delish chocolates are swallowed. So, make the most out of it by using it to store the accessories such as earrings and neckpieces separately.

The Crystals on the Table:

Make use of the crystals not only for their positive vibe but also for decorative jewelry storage. So, store the pair of earrings or rings on the top or holding the shape of crystals. This would proffer an aesthetic look to your room as well. So, it turns out to be double-dhamaka thing, doesn’t it?

Choose Any Drawer:

When you go for other objects in your room to store your accessories, why not drawers? Well, you could use any of the table drawers to store your glowing pieces of jewels. Even you could place the tiny jewel boxes in it as you could save some space and keep it organized.

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