Everything You Need to Know About Lip Balm

Lip balms have turned out to be everyone’s buddy as it becomes a necessary beauty regime. It has found a permanent place in every woman’s handbag or purse since it has been their essential beauty ingredient to keep their lips cool and moisturized as well. Lip balms are available in various types and shining colours which are inevitable not only during winter months but also during scorching sunny days too. However, you might still need to know about this indispensable beauty product of your beauty regime. So, let’s check out the unknown facts about lip balms.

All Lip Balms are not Great:

Lip balms might captivate you with their mesmerizing flavour and fragrances but these kinds of balms would not meet your expectation. It could turn to chap even worse as additives like menthol or peppermint are added for a cooling effect. However, they might create irritation frequently. So, it is better to go for brands without any added colours or fragrances.

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Beewax – The Main Ingredient:

Beeswax is one of the common ingredients in lip balms whereas some brands use it as the main ingredient though. This substance would keep your lips moisturized and would make them stay longer as you do need to open your handbags to apply again.

Comes with an Expiry Date:

You should never use lipstick for more than a year as it comes with an expiry date. Several brands suggest you throw out your lip balm after using it for an entire year. This is because lip balms could also be affected by bacteria.

Minor Intake of Lip Balm Might Upset Your Stomach:

You might have the habit of licking your lips or you might do it while you are eating or drinking something. Since most of us forget the fact that our lips are actually “lip balmed” or had lipstick on them, you just simply lick your lips or consume them along with it. It is said that a bit of consumption of lip balms could have a chance of upset stomachs as per the studies. And so if you are someone who has the habit of licking your lips just because you love the flavour or texture, then you might be cautious enough.

Not Only Useful for Lips:

When it comes to the usage of lip balms, it is not limited only to lips to keep it moisturized but also it could be useful in moisturizing other body parts such as around your nose, cuticles of hands, feet, elbows, heels and chapped areas of knees as well.

Has Nothing to do with Moisturization:

This might ultimately shock you but it is true though. Lip balms would not provide extra moisturization to your lips as you think all these days but they would just lock up the moisture present thereby averting dryness or chapped lips. So, that’s how it works to keep your lips soft and moisturized.

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