Here’s Why The Haasan Sisters Are Opposites When It Comes To Fashion

Fashion is always a reflection of one’s individual taste and style. Thus it will differ widely between individuals, even between siblings. The Haasan sisters are solid proof of this. Both Akshara Haasan, as well as Shruti Haasan, have done films with big names like Ajith and Dhanush. These two well-known Indian actresses have also set a mark in the fashion industry. They have walked ramps for several fashion brands. Moreover, despite being sisters, they have completely different fashion senses. They display opposing fashion trends, demonstrating their unique fashion sense. While Akshara Haasan creates a sophisticated and classy style, Shruti is a trendsetter who enjoys experimenting with bold appearances. Their distinct sense of style is often a reflection of their individual personalities as well. Here let us take a look at the fashion-filled wardrobes of both actresses.

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Here’s Why The Haasan Sisters Are Opposites When It Comes To Fashion

Shruti Haasan

Shruti Haasan is a notable trendsetter in the Indian film industry. Her bold and daring fashion choices always make her stand apart from her contemporaries. Moreover, she is often known for her chic ‘gothic-styled’ looks. Her dark-colored clothes and bold lipstick shades also make her an adventurous fashionista. She frequently sports unique ensembles that highlight her distinctive sense of style. Shruti Haasan also enjoys pushing the limits of fashion. Be it edgy streetwear or lavish red carpet outfits, she can carry them effortlessly. She also doesn’t hesitate to try out new colors, patterns, and silhouettes. Often her bold ensembles reflect her confidence.

Akshara Haasan

Akshara Haasan’s style is more upscale and sophisticated than Shruti who is known for her bold fashion choices. Akshara favors smart, understated outfits with a simple aesthetic. Also, she frequently chooses neutral and pastel colors. Furthermore, her fashion choices often reflect her coyness. She wisely chooses outfits that go well with her soft features. Thus she effortlessly looks graceful in every outfit she dons.
Even in many interviews, she highlighted how she chooses comfort above trend. On most occasions, she avoids sexy and experimental outfits. Instead, she likes to experiment with her hair. From short to colored hair, we have seen Akshara in many fashion shades.

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