How to do foot spa at home for a fresh and relaxed feeling

Love giving yourself that relaxed feeling with foot massages and all things foot spa? Miss booking an appointment with your favourite parlour or spa? Then, this post is for you. Just because we are all stuck at home doesn’t mean we aren’t tired. So it is time to start taking care of yourself, especially your foot with a special and relaxing foot spa at home!

If you have been wondering how to do a foot spa at home with easy steps, read on!

Things you need for a relaxing foot spa at home:

A tub or a bucket, half-filled with water (warm) Towel
Essential oils (any)
Salts such as Epsom or sea salts (optional) Moisturizer
Nail clipper Exfoliation brush

Step by step guide for a refreshing foot spa at home:
Step 1

Prepare your foot soak by adding 10-15 drops of any essential oil. If you have the salts mentioned above, add a little of it and mix. Soak your feet in the mix for about 15-20 mins. Try to relax by doing something you love during the foot soak. For example, read a book, enjoy your favourite and delicious drink or put on a face mask and do everything!

Step 2

After the soak, remove your feet and dry them (softly) with a towel. Grab your exfoliation brush and start scrubbing your feet. Remember to be gentle and not to forget the heels. If you do not have an exfoliation brush, you can also opt for a pumice stone to scrub your feet.

Additionally, if you have a foot cream, apply it on the feet and scrub your feet for 5 more minutes for an extra touch.

Step 3

After the scrub, wash your feet with the warm water in the tub. The next step is to give your feet a relaxing massage. You can use a massager or you can do it yourself. Either way, it is gonna be a good foot spa at home.

Step 4

If you don’t want to give yourself a pedicure, you can skip this step. If you want to, then start the pedicure by cutting your nails. After clipping the nails, clean your cuticles and shape your nails with the filer in the nail clipper.

Step 5

Next, moisturize your feet. Wash your feet again after the pedicure and dry them with the towel and start moisturizing. Apply the moisturizer on all the spots and you’re done!

Most people love to apply some nail polish after this and if you are planning to, remember to wait at least an hour before doing so. After the gentle and fresh foot spa at home, put on your sock and don’t take it off for as long as you could.

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