How to treat your skin Post-Holi: Men & Women

You must spare yourself from Holi’s terrible aftereffects, which include dry and irritated skin, to avoid all the craziness and excitement. Although the risk of skin problems is lower when using natural colours, it is basically impossible to guarantee that all the colours you are exposed to are organic. Some of them might have dangerous substances in them, which can cause allergic reactions, rashes, and breakouts. You must adhere to a post-holi skincare routine unless you want to moan about your irritated skin the whole week. So let’s look at everything you should do for your skin after Holi to prevent getting pimples and acne all over your face. Check out the tips on how to treat your skin post-Holi.

How to treat your skin post-Holi:
Double cleansing without leaving skin dry

Undoubtedly, there will be some work. How else could you remove the uncompromising colours? Use a cleanser that disintegrates the top layer of colour and smoothes your skin during your initial cleansing. To remove any remaining dirt and thoroughly clean your pores, proceed with a foaming face wash. Furthermore, use hydrating cleansers to prevent your skin from becoming dry and dull afterwards. You can pick up any of the numerous hydrating cleansers that are sold on the market. If you want to make your own natural cleanser, we recommend the one mentioned below:

DIY Oil Cleanser
What you need:

● Around 30 ml of face-friendly oils (Like Olive, Argan, and Coconut)

● 6 drops of Essential oil (preferably Lavender)

Put the face-friendly oil you’ve chosen in a small bottle-like container and then add the essential oil drops into it. Mix the oil well to infuse both of the oils. Take a small amount of the cleanser and massage it gently onto your skin. First, remove the cleanser with a washcloth then wash it off with mild soap or gentle cleanser for a hydrating look afterwards.

You can first use this DIy oil cleanser on your wet face to remove the colours, remove it with a washcloth then use a good cleanser to clean up the dirt on your face. This will leave your skin feeling fresh and bright after a long day of celebration.

Remove all irritants with a mask

Next, let’s talk about something that will soothe your skin. You can achieve this by applying a face mask after deep cleaning. Organic rose water, green tea derivatives, and aloe vera are calming ingredients that nourish your skin and make the perfect face mask for this time holiday season. Even if your face mask doesn’t contain all of these ingredients, it will at least contain one of them. Once the skin has been thoroughly cleaned, put on a light coating of the face mask and let it sit for 15 minutes. As you rinse it off, you’ll notice that your skin has a radiant glow. You can make our homemade face mask, which we frequently use if you don’t already have one with you.

DIY Hydrating Face Mask
What you need:

● 3 tablespoons of Sandalwood powder

● A few drops of Rose Water as required

Mix these two ingredients to create a paste-like face mask and then apply it all over your face and on your neck if you want. Keep it on for at least 15 mins and then rinse it off with normal water. This face mask will make sure all of the irritation goes away if you feel dry after the cleansing routine. It will also give you a nice glow so you can use it not just post-Holi but anytime you want.

Serum to rejuvenate your skin

Use a balancing and rebuilding serum as a post-Holi repair treatment for your skin. It ought to be a product you use frequently because you shouldn’t try something new after a stressful celebration like Holi and run the risk of breaking out. It should be delicate and quickly absorb into your surface to restore it from the inside out and improve the way it looks. This cold-pressed oil can be found in a lot of fantastic serums on the market. It also lessens the likelihood of acne while providing the skin with an intensely hydrating and smoothing effect.

Moisturiser to add the finishing touch of hydration

Use a moisturising lotion to complete your skincare routine. Use a moisturiser you’ve been using for some time rather than trying anything new, similar to what you would with a serum. To emerge from Holi glowing and looking your best, follow this routine for at least a few days afterwards, excluding the double cleansing.

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